Aurobindo Hypothesis, The Solar Fire in Matter, Saura Agni


The mortal world knoweth only,
Two types of fire, electric and ordinary
Aurobindo hypothesised a third fire,
Saura Agni, Solar Fire in Matter 1

Atoms are whirling systems
Like the Solar System
This scientific fact alone
Should lead Science to Third

The thermo nuclear fusion reaction
Is the cause of Sun's burning
Hydrogen atoms combine to form Helium,
With immense release of Energy !

Poet uses Deductive Logic,
The Scientist, Inductive.
The Poet sees through Third Eye,
Scientist, with the two eyes.

The Unknown may exist
But Unknown is not Unknowable,
Deriving from One, things correspond,
Known as Law of Correspondences !

There is Correspondence between Heaven and Earth,
Between Mind and Matter, between Parts and Whole.
Everything contains within itself a mystery formula,
An inward determination of the parts by the Will of the Whole. 

This Correspondence between Heaven and Earth,
Phrased as " As Above, So Below "
Maketh Planets revolve around in elliptical orbits above
And Electrons revolve around in elliptical orbits below.

Detractors say we are hyping,
Using bombastic terms !
That is miles from Truth,
As each Science has terminology !

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