The Seven States of Consciousness Hypothesis

The ordinary man lives in three states
Waking, dreaming and sleep dreamless
Transcending these three is the Fourth,
Transcendental Consciousness,Tureeya,

This Tureeya State was conclusively proved,
By Dr Keith Wallace in his PhD Thesis,
" The Physiological Effects of Transcendental Meditation,
A Proposed Fourth Major State of Consciousness"
{ At University of California and Los Angeles, in 1975}.

There are still higher states to attain.
The Fifth is Cosmic Consciousness, Tureeyateeta,

The Sixth is a Glorified State of CC
And the Seventh is Unity Consciousness.

The Vedas were never written,
But were heard and cognised
In higher states of Consciousness !
Hence Apaurusheya, not man made.

Sruthi means that which was heard !
What the Seer Poets intuitively hear
Is only an infinitesimal portion,
Of the Infinite Vedas, Ananta Vai Veda !

In his Meditation, Mahesh Yogi,
Had a Vision of the Divine Mother
Who told him to present
Sastras as Sciences.

Modern sciences are reflections
Of ancient sciences
Research is needed
Integrate them both!