Aurobindo Hypothesis II - 

The Sevenfold Chord of Being

After his divine experience,
Wherein he saw the Divine in all,
Aurobindo postulated an amazing theory,
The Sevenfold Chord of Being.

Dialectical Integralism is his system,
As He integrated both Purusha and Prakriti
Integrating Idealism and Materialism Dialectical,
Both Hegel and Marx, is never easy.

He stood for Sacred Balance
Of powerful Matter and Spirit Blissful
"Spirit shall see through Matter's gaze,
Matter shall reveal the Spirit's Face"

The lower Trilogy of Life , Mind and Matter
Constitute Relative Being.
The higher Trinity of Being, Knowledge and Bliss
Constitute Absolute Being.

Which is that seventh element,
Which binds the Absolute and Relative?
It is called Supermind, a state,
Beyond Overmind and Mind.

This is Sevenfold mode of Existence Cosmic,
Seven Names of the Nameless,
Seven Rays of Infinity
And Seven Colors of Consciousness !

Supermind, then, is the Alpha and the Omega,
The instrument of all unification,
Originative, executive and consummative,
In all realisable harmonies.

Evolution of this Sevenfold Being,
Realisation of Its Septuple Name,
Was considered divine destiny,
Of all, which cometh from One.

The Divine descending into materiality,
Is called humanity.
With Matter as the lowest term,
And pure Being as the highest.

The lower Trilogy of Life, Mind and Matter,
Are merely the subordinate action powers,
Of the Divine Quaternary,
Being, Knowledge, Bliss & Supermind.
Verily, Brahman is All in All.

Yatho imani bhutani jayante
Yena jatani jivanti
Yat prayantyabhisam visanti