The Seven Concentric Sheaths, 

The Sapta Koshas

From where did the controversial Jesus
Get the Kingdom of Heaven concept ?
He came to Kashmir and was initiated,
Into the highest Esoteric Knowledge !

The Absolute Self is enveloped
By Five Concentric Sheaths !
Sheaths material, vital, mental,
Blissful & intellectual !

Two more Sheaths - Being and Knowledge,
Were added to make it Seven,
As Bliss is part of the Absolute Triad,
The Trinity of Being, Knowledge, Bliss !

These are our Seven Sheaths,
Which envelop our Soul, the Self.
Sarvam Avrutha Thishtathi,
It is enveloped by All.

We are active in the outer Sheaths,
And asleep in the inner ones,
Explains our material Consciousness,
And atrophied spiritual consciousness !

If we can move over to the inner sheaths four by Yoga,
We can get access to heavenly, blissful regions !
Jesus called the Intellectual and Bliss Sheaths, near to Self,
As the liberating, luminous Kingdom of Heaven !

The Kingdom of Heaven is within thee,
Know thyself and find It ! So let us move,
Our Consciousness from outer to inner,
And achieve Enlightenment Divine.