The Secrets of  Poetry

Western Poets invoke Muses,
( "Sing, Heavenly Muse, how on the top" ),
Indian Poets invoke Deity of Poetry,
( " Dance on my tongue, O Saraswathi ") 
Such Yogic methods are mandatory,
For the poetic process to blossom !

This request sent to Poetry Personified,
Sees Inspiration invade his being.
Hippocrene, the Fountain of Poesy, floweth,
Out of him, bewildering all !

( Padmapeedathil Irikkum Devee
Pattada Bhangi Charthum Devee
Nityamai ennude Navinmel
Nrithamadanam Saraswatee )

Poetry is the generatrix of Music,
Lyrics is nothing but Lyric Poetry.
Even though Music differs from Poetry,
Poetry is present in Music as Lyrics.

Overmind has been defined,
As an Ocean of Stable Lightnings.
With its brilliant, golden lid,
It hides the Truth Supramental.

Higher than the Intuitive Mind,
Higher than the Higher Mind,
Higher than the Illumined Mind,
Lies the Overmind, Vijnanam Brahma !

Overmind Poetry need not be mystic
Some mundane poems do stir us.
Overmind Aesthesis should be present,
For a poem to be accepted as Overmind Poetry.

Nature was defined by Poets,
As an enigmatic Poesy.
Let us understand Prakriti,
To comprehend Purusha better.

As a result of new yogic methods,
Aurobindo's mind hit the Ground State.
The Divine instructed him to write,
And the results were Savitri and Life Divine.

Poetry should initiate us,
To the higher reaches of Unitive Knowledge.
On Himalayan heights divinely sang,
She acts propaedeutic to Philosophy.

Poets are aware of the Superconscious Might,
Which uses them as a Centre and lighthouse.
So, for the poetic process to unfold,
Be united with the Self, Yoga Yukto Bhava !
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Saturday, April 25, 2020
The Science of Overmind Poetry, Atheeta Manas Kavya Sastra

Origin of Poetry

Pegasus, the winged horse of Grecian Mythology,
Tapped Mount Helicon with his hoof,
And from that exact spot arose,
The Fountain of Poesy, the Hippocrene !

Shelley opined that Francis Bacon,
The Father of English Prose,
Was a Poet inimitable,
Because his prose appeared to be poetic !

Poetry evolved from Sorrow
From Shoka arose Shloka.
The First Poet was pained,
When a bird was struck by an arrow.

Never Kill, Ma Nishada,he cried out,
For, it is against Law of Conscience.
In the Orient, he is the First Poet,
And his poem, Ramayana, First Poem.

Milton was blind and suffered a lot,
Out of his sufferings, came the Paradise Lost.
Dante was a mendicant, with a love tragedy,
And out of his strife, came the Divine Comedy.

Poontanam's son died early,
Out of his sorrow came the Njanapana.
Melpathur was afflicted by Arthritis,
Out of his frustrations, arose the Narayaneeyam.

That is why Adversity has been defined as divine,
And Melancholy as Sage and Holy !
Spiritual development accelerates under Adversity,
Whose positive aspect is unknown to Prosperity !

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Friday, April 24, 2020
Secret of Overmind Poetry

What is the Secret of Poetry?
Let us start from basics.
Why is Kavya Sastra, the Science of Poetry,
Considered as the greatest Science?

Beauty walking celestial is Poetry,
Wisdom's Center and Circumference,
Cent percent divine and Great Healer,
And foreseer of Scientific Knowledge.

My friend once mentioned
Poets had some great experience.
They had transcendental experience,
When Mind hit the Quantum Ground State.

Quantum Ground State has beendefined,
As the Field of All Possibilities.
As the State of Least Excitation of Consciousness,
And it can transmute men into poets and philosophers !

Aurobindo experienced three of the Four,
Faculties of the Intuitive Reason,
Revealation, Inspiration and Intuition,
Known to Rishies as Ila, Saraswati and Sarama,

Ila is Revealation,
Saraswati is Inspiration,
Sarama is Intuition,
All of them belong to Psychic Research,

Kalidasa's experience of Transcendence,
Was symbolically depicted as a meeting,
With the Mother of World Poetry, Kali,
Who inscribed greatest mantra on his tongue

Mother Kali is emblematic of the Ground State,
And Kalidasa, the common man turned poet.
The fountain of Poesy that flowed out of him.
Was due to divination by the Ground State.

The Language of the Philosophers,
Poetry is the Revealation of the Heart !
She can survive Cycles of Time,
And perceive the Celestial Diameter !