Science    =    Bliss   Equation.    Dr Sudarshan    Hypothesis

There are many good definitions about  Science. One of them is Science is
systematised knowledge of Nature. Another is  the  Kantian- Science is
organised Knowledge. Wisdom is organised Life.

But the best definition cometh from Dr Sudarshan-   Science is the experience of  Bliss,
Anandanubhooti iti  Sastram!

Science is derived from the word - Scire - to know. Scientia means Knowledge. Also Science.

Dr  Sudarshan had experienced  this Bliss during Transcendental Meditation, when the Mind
touched the Quantum Ground State. After that it has been Bliss, Bliss all the way for him. Even
when he explains Physics !

The  Law of Conservation  of  Matter is a manifestation of the Law of Conservation of Being.

The thermo solar fusion reaction happening in the Sun  is more  an alchemical reaction
than a chemical one. It resembles thermonuclear  fusion reaction - the  principle behind the Hydrogen  Bomb.

The Law of Conservation  of  Energy is nothing else but the Law of Conservation  of  Soul,
the Soul being the Life Force of  Shaw.

Celestial Gravity is that which maketh the planets revolve around  the Sun-  Soorya
Jagatah Chakshu Gurutvkarshan- remarked Aryabhata.

Terrestrial Gravity is nothing before Jupiterian- Saturnine or Solar gravities. Only T G
is taught  in  schools, not  Celestial Gravity.

Laplace observed that  Solar Radiation  Pressure is another powerful factor  in Cosmology.

The concept  of   Homeostasis extended to Cosmology and now  Cosmologists   are
talking about  Homeostatic control systems in  the Cosmos!


Deity is the Great Geometriciser  and the First  Science, the Science of Being as Being, hath been  revealed by him. Not only the Prathama Sastra, but a plethora of sciences, hath been revealed by  this  First Geometrician.
Contrary to popular belief,
All  sciences have been revealed by Thee
Who doth emparadise my mind !
Thou Art the  Universal Guru

All sciences Thou Art
All all Arts Divine !
Science is cent percent Godhead
So says P:hilosophia Indica !