The Seven Concentric Sheaths of Man & The H Center


Imagine seven circles with a Common  Center. .That  Center is the Self , enveloped by seven sheaths. It is enveloped by all, Sarvam Avrittya Thishtathi.

Great Yogis like Aurobindo and  Jesus derived their theories from this Sapta Kosa Siddhantha.   The Kingdom of Heaven is a Yogic concept. Also the Sevenfold Chord of Being,  which are the macrocosmic components of these seven levels of being ( on the microcosmic scale ).

We are on the lower trilogy of Life, Mind and Matter, on the consciousness of our physical, vital and mental  sheaths.

Poets and  other literary blokes raise their Consciousness above the mundane and constantly use the the Intellectual Sheath. Hence Hippocrene, the Fountain of Poesy,  flow to them.

Bliss can be experienced, if we raise our awareness to the Bliss Sheath, the area referred by  Jesus as the inner Kingdom of Heaven. This torrential Bliss can be overwhelming.

The Absolute Self at the  Center,  corresponds to the Quantum Ground state  of



Milton, Dante, Goethe, Aurobindo et al used their higher sheaths for actualising Poetry. Yegetarianism, Yoga, prayer, Altruism- all these help in our  spiritual evolution.


And what is the Summit of this spiritual evolution?

The Brahma Padam of  Enlightenment, the Divine Crown.


And where is the seat of the Self ?          /

In the Sky of Consciousness of the Heart.

So this is the H Center.?

Yes. Alternative Medcine calls it the Healing Center in us. It also corresponds to the Heart Chakra.

We are made in the image of Being, in the image of the Almighty Solar Logos. All planets are within us, averred Paracelsus.  Everything is arranged in proportionate  distances, with  Saturn at  the  Root Chakra,  Jupiter at Manipura Chakra and Sun at the Anahata Chakra,


You can call the H Center by whatever you want, as the Heart Center. as the Healing  Center,  or the Helios or the Heli  Center !