Another Major Revealed Equation

Truth,Wisdom,Infinity= Being,
Satyam, Jnanam, Anantham Brahma

The best definitions of the Divine are

First, The Sevenfold Chord of Being ( Aurobindo )
Second Being, Knowledge, Bliss. ( Upanishads )
Third Truth,Wisdom,Infinity ( Upanishads )
Fourth An Infinite Sphere ( Hermes ) 
Fifth The Great Geometer ( Plato )
Sixth Infinite Being, One Without A Second ( Upanishads )

Another Equation, Truth = Being,
Was revealed as Satyam Brahma.
Truth is Ineffable to Thought
And to Speech a wonder indefinable.

Truth is indeed omnipotent,
And beyond vicissitudes.
Beyond Contradiction,
Vast, Universal and one.

Truth is Transcendence,
Its Pure Consciousness,
Is manifest in Avastha Traya,
The relative states three.

Another Equation, Wisdom = Being,
Was revealed as Jnanam Brahma.
Wisdom is veiled Wealth,
And the generatrix of Fame.

Wisdom conferreth immortality,
And is deemed Eternal.
Wisdom is the only wealth,
And the Teacher of Teachers.

Without her, man is animal,
She is organised life.
She is best Celestial Deity,
As She is adored by all !

Another Equation, Truth = Infinity,
Was revealed as Anantham Brahma.
Infinity is a numberless number
Which when subtracted from Itself, giveth Iitself.

Infinity is the beginning of all,
Opposites coincide at Iinfinity.
Infinity postulates the Non Dual,
As a second Infinite will make it finite.

Deity,the Great Geometer, is a great definition,
And is the most popular in the Occident.
The Divine Geometricises, Deus Geometrisat,
As He is playing with Space, Time and Geometry !