Remedial Measures for Hypercholesterolemia  B


Super Fruits Therapy for Hypercholesterolemia.

What are Super Fruits ? They are antioxidants, with nutritional brilliance .Resveratrol is a phytoalexin produced naturally by several plants. It is anti-cholesterol. Resveratrol occurs in the skin and seeds of grapes. Resveratrol is produced by grapes when they go through extreme cold temperatures. It is produced as a means of protection from the environment. Remember the French Paradox. 

The French do not have high levels of Cholesterol, despite the fact that they are high consumers of pork ! They drink French red wine, which contain Resveratrol, Doctors recommend taking
in Red Wine in moderation, only 4 glasses of Red Wine per week !

Same effect is produced by Red Grape Juice.Three juices are recommended for those who suffer from HyperCholesterolemia 

Red Grape Juice - to lower LDL 

Orange Juice      - to increase HDL 

Pomegranate Juice - for both Pomegranate contains Niacin and Resveratrol. 

Niacin increases HDL.Fish has cholesterol !Despite the advice of many allopathic Doctors, fish do contain cholesterol.If beef or pork contain 1 mg per gram, fish contains .5 mg per gram.

Fish also causes osteoporosis, loss of bone marrow.For cholesterol patients, it is better to avoid fish.The normal LDL level is 130 and HDL 60. What is desirable is a 130/60 ratio.
Anything more can be dangerous and the risk of coronary heart disease will be increased.

Dr Earth can cure youAre you suffering from high cholesterol ? Dr Earth can cure you !Prthvi Upasana or Healing by Dr Earth.Earth Therapy is part of the Fivefold Elemental Therapy of Naturopathy. Other therapies include Jalopasana ( Healing by DrWater ), Tejopasana ( Healing by Dr Fire ), AKasopasana ( Healing with Dr Ether ) andVayu Upasana ( Healing by Dr Air ).

The Five Great Elements are the Five Doctors.Prithvi Upasana in Naturopathy means healing by Dr Earth. Fruits andvegetables which cometh from Nature have healing properties.Cholesterol is derived from animal products. Fruits and vegetables do not have Cholesterol.Here are some fruits and vegetables which reduce the bad cholesterol, LDL.

Red Grapes,Apple,Tomatoes,Mango,Lime,Mushrooms,Walnuts,Dry Fruits,Peanuts,Oats,
Dates,Green Peas,Green Beans,Garlic,Olive Oil,Fiber Food,Watermelon,Vegetables

Here are some Niacin rich foods, which increase the good Cholesterol, HDL.

Sapotas,Guavas,Breadfruit,Green Leafy Vegetables,Tomatoes,Carrots,Broccoli,
Celery,Dates,MushroomsDr Earth can cure you !Least Sugar is best. Sugar is defined as White Poison.Sugar also affectsCholesterol adversely.It decreases the good Cholesterol. So minimisethe use of sugar. Avoid added sugars.The adverse effects of Sugar are manifold. Supresses  immune system,Affects Cholesterol levels,Upsets the body's hormonal balance
promotes tooth decay,Causes Hyptertension,Causes Osteoporosis,Causes diabetes,Causes Obesity,Decrease HDL levels

So avoid the White Poison which can have a disastrous effect on your Cholesterol levels !

Well, about beer bellies, fat bellies are dangerous. Fat bellies indicatethat fat has accumulated along the waistlines. Such people should checktheir sugar and cholesterol levels. Obesity is bad. One should reduce weight always.

When vegetable oils are heated, hydrogenation takes place. Trans fataccumulates in French fries and all sorts of fries. Vada is the Indianburger and it is also dangerous as trans fat is contained in these burgers.Trans fat adversely affects Cholesterol. It increases LDL, decreases HDL andincreases  tri glycerides. So any fried item is taboo.

Particularly these vegetable oils are heated and reheated to make vadas. VadaPavs are popular in North India and they are to be shunned by those whosuffer from Hypercholesterolemia.