The Primal Science,  Vedanta Sastra
Many a concept, Tattwa, came
From this Primal Science !
Conceptualism maintains that all are concepts
Even God is a concept !
Dialectics reign, even in Mythology !
Take  contrary concepts of Determinism and Free Will
Determinism exponents argue
That  Abhimanyu’s death was predestined !

Even Lord Krishna with His Tri Kala Jnana
Could not avert that tragedy !
Why didnt He, with all His Omniscience,
Prevent the death of his nephew?

Free Will exponents argue
That Markandeya overcame Fate
By embracing the Ellipsoid Linga,
The perfect mathematical symbol !

Why ellipsoid ? It is
Scientific symbol best
As planets and electrons traverse
In orbits elliptical !

The Hindu concept of Time
Stems from the celestial phenomenon
Of the rotation of  Earth around its own Axis
And its revolution around the Sun.

One constituting the Celestial Sphere, Khagola
And other the Ecliptic Sphere, Kranti Vritta.
Khagola's  Equator is the Celestial Equator
And her Meridian, the Celestial Meridian !!

“ Soorya, Jagatah Chakshu, Gurutvakarshan”
Exclaimed the ace astronomer, Aryabhata,
Implying that Sun is the source of all Energy,
Implying Gravity, both terrestrial and celestial !

Time was computed first
By the Sexagesimal Division of Day Method
From one unit of Time, 4 seconds, Asu
Computation went upto 4.32 billion years,
Thousand Equinoctial Cycles making One Brahma Day,
Chatur Yuga Sahasram Indra Harina dinam uchyate
And going on to calculate the Hundred Year Cycle of Brahma,
Which is Three Hundred and Eleven trillion years!

Fifteen degrees maketh One Hour,
Ardha Rasi Bhaveth Hora
And Twenty Four Horas maketh a day,
Chaturvimsathi Smrithah !

Creation, Preservation and Dissolution
Are all invested in Almighty Time !
Time alone is the Sole Doer
Sarvam Kalakritam Anye !
Consciousness is Fundamental
Averrs Quantum Physics
Matter cometh from Consciousness
Not vice versa.
Matter was studied and pursued
Till it vanished into Energy !
Energy will be studied and pursued
Till it vanishes into Consciousness

Verily Consciousness is the Basis
Verily Consciousness is the Substratum
Consciousness is the Alpha and the Omega
Of the Universe entire !
Verily the Energism of Consciousness
Is Brahman, the Absolute !
Prajnane Prathishtitam Prajna Netro
Loka Prajna Prathishta Prajnanam Brahma !
The Law of Conservation of Matter / Energy states that
Matter / Energy can never be created or destroyed
Similarly, Soul can never be created or destroyed
This be the Law of Conservation of Soul !
Know that to be Indestructible
By which all this is pervaded !
Avinashi thu thad viddhi
Yena sarvam idam tatam !
Evolution is real, Evolution is earnest
Both material and spiritual evolutions !
Evolution of the Species
And Evolution of Consciousness !