The Positive and Negative Regions of the Zodiac   By Govind Kumar  


When a planet's longitude falls in the Negative Regions of the Zodiac, such a planet's Period or Dasa is said to be negative ( Anishtaphalada ).

Samhara taro durithamsakascha
Gandantham Ushnam Visha Nadika cha 
Vishtischa riktha karanam sthirakhyam
Ekargalam Vaidhrutha sarpa seeshe

If a planet falls in a constellation which is destructive, that planet is said to be negative. 

What is a destruction star ? The 27 constellations are classified into three groups

Srishti ( Creative )
Sthithi ( Preservative )
Samhara ( Destructive ).

For instance, Aswini, is Creative ( Shristi ), Bharani is Sthithi ( Preservative ) and Karthika is Samhara ( Destructive ).

Ashwinyadyath kramath sarve srishti sthithi layasmritha 
Tatra tarasu sarvasu madhyasthau durithamsakau 

Malefic satellites like Dhooma and Mrityu rising, the lords of 6,8 and 12, malefic planets, malefic aspects, tenancy of 6,8,12 houses, hind signs, functional malefics- all these are negative or Anishtaphalada planets.

Dhoomadi Rimphari Mriteesa Papai
Yogekshana Rimpha ripu sthitatvam
Prushtodaya Adhomukha Papabhamsa
Sarvatra Thoyakshayamithyanishta

The periods of such planets are Anishta Phalada, meaning that they bring chaos in their periods of directional influence. Downtide is negative and uptide is positive. Malefic satellites like Kala, Ardhaprahara, Gulika, Mrityu and Dhooma rising are considered inauspicious. Aspects of malefics are also considered baneful.

In Astrology Vedic each planet has a satellite of its own.
For instance Phobos and Deimos of Mars are called as Dhooma &
Mrityu in Indian science. The longitudes of satellites of Venus
Moon Mars Rahu & Ketu are calculated based on the sidereal 
longitude of the Sun.


Mars Dhooma Sun's longitude + 133 deg 20 mins
Rahu Vyatipata 360- Dhooma's longitude
Moon Parivesh 180 + Vyatipata's longitude
Venus Indrachapa 360 - Parivesh's longitude
Ketu Upaketu Indrachapa + 16 deg 40 mins

A different method of calculation is adopted for the satellites
of Sun Jupiter Saturn Mercury & Mars. Days and nights are divi-
ded into 8 divisions. 

The first division is ruled by the lord of the day & other divi-
sions are given to the other lords in sequential order. During
night the first lord is the fifth lord from the lord of the day.

In order to measure the longitudes of satellites two different
methods have been adopted.In the first method the beginning time 
of the planet who holds absolute sway is taken. In the other 
method the end time is taken.The Lagna is computed for this time
and this is how the longitude of the satellite is computed.
If a planet falls in creative stars or Shrishti taras, such a planet is said to be benefic.

If a planet is placed in angular or trinal houses, he is said to be benefic.

If planet is in uptide, he is benefic. 

If a planet is aspected by benefics, he is said to be a benefic. 

We have to see how many positive and negative points a planet gets, before embarking on prognostication. 

Pranamsa Dehamsa shrishti tara
Piyoosha nadya shubha dhrishti yogau
Jalardra Oordhonyapi kopi yasya
Kendra thrigonopagathath thvam ishtam