Poorna Yoga  - Integration of Systems Many

The  Resurgence, the Renaissance and  the Reformation.

Many forms  of Yoga exist as Differential Yoga but Aurobindo  integrated them all as Poorna or Integral Yoga.

Philosophers and Yogins had preferred different  aspects of Godhead, but Aurobindo declared  that the aim of Integral yoga is to embrace Him in all aspects and even beyond aspect. He declared that Yoga is the Art of Conscious Self Finding, and that Life, not a remotely silent or a   highly ecstatic  uplifted Beyond, life alone is the field  of the Poorna Yoga. correcting the orthodox version that spirituality means to  gravitate to the Himalayas.

The Kingdom  of Heaven is not of this world. At the same time,it is of this world".   He declared,  averring that the Supermind  - the Alpha and the Omega of Existence -  must be brought down to Terra Firma ! And when we bcome siddha in  the Integral Yoga, we can bring humanity to the  same level of  perfection !
If we have a material existence,   do  we have anterior or posterior existences?
If Matter exists in 3 states - solid, liquid and gaseous - as ice, water, steam -  it  implies that water has an anterior and a posterior state of existence. For, nothing ever begins to be. It merely undergoes a parallel transformation into conditions which preexisted in other conditions. Are we talking about Metempsychosis,  Rebirth ?   Even if it be so, it wont surprise anybody, as Dialectiics is defined as the completion of Science in the  Synthesis of Wisdom !
Spiritual Homeostasis
Dr Walter Cannon defined Homeostasis as "a self regulating mechanism, that which maintains the constancy of the internal milieu " in his magnum opus " The Wisdom of the Body". This concept extended to Sociology, Psychology, Cosmology and Philosophy!  Psychologists are talking about psychological Homeostasis. Cosmologists are now talking about homeostatic
control systems in the Universe, which prevent cosmic bodies from collision. Newton remarked that planetary perturbations can destroy the solar system, a view supported by Laplace and Lagrange. If Earth has an eccentricity > .1    or Mars > .3, collission can occur ! But some Unknown Wonder prevents this from occurring !
Extension of this scientific concept to Spirituality is Spiritual Homeostasis !
The Path  Celestial is not easy. It is arduous, long, dangerous, difficult. The aspirant will be subject to a baptism by fire, by the combined forces of Heaven and Hell. While Heaven will subject him to pitiless trials and cold luminous denials, Hell will open his hordes to enwound and devastate! Obstacles   and hindrances may appear to impede his progress !
I walk on the Razor's edge alone,
The path  is narrow, the Way Unknown !
In the case of an Exemplar,  Walt Whitman, being human, he was subject to suffering, sorrow and strife, but he never let these depressive moods reach a dead end, because behind the body-mind-complex was the Life Force, the Self, the  Will and the passion to surpass the individual and the biological and to enter what  Rilke called " supernumerous existence"!
The male intellect will feel depressed when a problem is encountered. But, then there is the female Intuition to raise him up and lead him on to the Goal, as  Goethe divined ! In the Divina Commedia, Dante represents male Intellect and Beatrice, female Intuition !
Poets are propelled by Inspiration and Inspiration floweth from Thee,  Sarva Prachodanam Prabhavanti Tasmat!