The Bharthri Hari Hypothesis - 

Poets are the Heavenly Winners.

We are here for what?
To gain Earth or Heaven?
If gaining Heaven is the Summum Bonum,
Then Poets are the true winners !

If Self Actualisation is the Goal,
And gaining Heaven is paramount,
Then millionaires will be bewildered,
As they believe in Money's omnipotence !

They are the genuine winners,
The Bliss attained Poets,
As their Fame Body fearest not,
Disease or Death ineluctable !

Jayanthi the Sukruthino
Rasa Siddha Kaveeswara
Nasti tesham Yasakaye
Jara Maranajam Bhayam.

Mundane Man thinks immediate,
Poet thinks about Universal !
This is the main cause,
Of Poet's maladaptations !

Higher ups in society,
Are intellectually poor !
This is the main reason,
For unsociability of Poet.

Women are crticisers & naggers !
Poetic temparament not compatible,
With feminine pugnacity ! Hence,
The enmity of women and poets !