The Western poet invokes the Muses, Calliope, Erato et al for the Poetic Fountain to come forth. The Indian invokes the Wisdom Deity , Saraswatee, whose two breasts symbolise Poetry and Music, sarasa sahitya sarasa sangeeta sthana yugale.
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Acting headed by two legends - the handsome Prem Nazeer and the ravishing Vijayasree and
sung magnificently by Yesudas and S Janaki. 
Rise as Dawn and Dusk in our minds,
O Mighty Deity of Wisdom Divine.
O Mother, Thy Magic , Maya, is inscrutable,
Thou sway even the wise !
Manassilunaroo Usha Sandhyayi,
Maya Mohini Saraswatee,
Naka Sadassile Nava Ratna Veenayil,
Naadam Thulumbumee Nava Ratriyil !
In the audience heavenly,
In the Veena made of the Gems NIne,
In this Glorious Festival of Nine Nights
Rise  as Inspiration and Intuition.
Grant me all four faculties of Intuitive Reason,
Illumination, Revealation, Inspiration & Intuition,
Revealation being Ila, Lunar Dynasty's Mother,
Inspiration being  Sarada and Intuition being Sarama !
Nava nava mohangal Narthanam cheyunna
Nada Manohara Laya Raavil
Nin Mandahasamam Bodha Nilavil,
En Mana Kannukal Vidaratte  !
In this beautiful and  all dissolving Night
When new desires innovate and dance ,
Reverberating with melodies divine,
May mine inner eye get enlightened !
Pushtka Roopathil Ayudha Roopathil,
Punyavathee Ninne Kaithozhunnen,
Azhakai Veeryamai Atma Samtriptiyayi
Avidunnu Adiyanil Niranjalum.
We worship Thee in many forms,
Through the forms of Books and weapons
Fill my Being entire as Beauty,
As Virility and as Self Satisfaction !
Kanivin Kanchana Kathirmala Choriyoo,
Kalayude Varnangal Pakaroo,
Keli Kalayude Thanga Mala,
Melayil Enneyum Layippkkoo..
Bless us with Thy gifts, Wisdom and Love,
And all the colors of Art Sacred,
Today is the Grand Day of Musicology,
Dissolve me in this Great Symphony !