Poetic Secrets Revealed

What is the Secret,
To become a Dante or a Kalidasa?
By transcending the mundane,
And indulging in Meditation & Prayer

The Thesis, Poets are born,
Does have a powerful Anti Thesis
MIlton was not a born poet,
He was a made one.

He had lived laborious days,
Burning the midnight oil,
In mastering the Bible,
Labor is the All Conqueror !

Fortune favors the industrious,
Only the weak say God gave.
Erase God and Fate and work hard
Your fortunes will change !

There is nothing unconquerable,
To Meditation, Yoga, all are conquerable !
Na Saddhya Tapasa kinchit
Trishu Lokeshu Vidyate .
...How poetic faculty can be developed?

Meditation opens Intuitive Mind,
The repository of scientia intuitiva,
Intuition is that faculty of the Absolute,
And reveals eyes that see.
Grace grants prayers sincere,
Invocation invokes Muses or Saraswati,
That Thou should preside over voice and words,
Padamay Thoovil vanaruluka Nee.
Tune Thou art,
Also Symphony
Thou art Bliss
Also Lyrics Immortal !
Longfellow averred that  the poet
Can carry you to celestial realms.
"By the Art of the poet we stand uplifted,
And, transfigured, the world floats in an ineffable haze !"
Presented in modern terms,
Poetry can trigger the Bliss Response.
It can make you a Kalidasa or Shakespeare,
And immortalise you with fame !                    
In the Invocation, the Poet prays,
To the Deity of Wisdom thus
Be on my tongue as Voice,
And as Nada in the strings of instruments.

And as Almighy Words in the pen,
Swaramay Naavil,
Nadanay Tantriyil,
Padamay Thoovil Vanaruluka Nee !
Since Grace grants sincere prayers,
Deity is obliged to please him.
Nama is greater than Nami,
As He serves all devotees; Nanu Bhaktadasa !
As I have many aspects,
As son, brother, father, Guru,
So too the Divine has many aspects
And His Wisdom Aspect is Saraswati !
( She being His Aspect as Strength, Sakti).
As Terror as TIme , The All Destroyer,
The Kala Swaroopini, is mighty Kali !
She has  ten aspects, the Dasa Maha Vidyas,
And Her Wisdom Aspect is called Matangi !
Hippocrene, the Fountain of Poesy,
Gushed out of Kalidasa, when She became visible.
Manikya Veenam Upalalayanti,
Madala Manjula Vagvilasa.
I behold a Maiden of incalculable Beauty
The Deity of silver tongued oratory,
As resplendent as Blue Sapphire,
And the Sole Mother of the Universe !
I bow to the Wisdom Mother,
Mother of the Universe,
Mahendra Neeladyuti Komalange,
Matanga Kanya Manasasmarami !
Thou art Mother Supernal,
Of the lustre of Emerald
Bestow Thy Grace on us,
O Most Beauteous One !
Mata Marataka Shyma
Matangi Madhu Salini.
Kuryat Kataksham Kallyani,
Kadamba Vana       Vasini.