Aurobiindo Hypothesis - Poetry =  Bliss

Writing Poetry is  Bliss, as the    Self is Bliss and the  aim of
Poetry is to discover    the    Bliss, which the world's  derelict   sorrows
yearn !

A Poet can transport his  audience  to  celestial heights .

By  the Art  of the poet

We stand uplifted

And transfigured, the  world floats

In  an ineffable haze!

There are   yogic   techniques to generate Poetry.   If one can raise
One's          consciousness     leveL beyond  the 3   lower  concentric
sheaths, poetic faculties  will blossom.

They are the   mundane physical sheath/Annamaya Kosha,   the
vital sheath  or Pranamaya  Kosha and  the mental  or   Manomaya 

Kosha, Beyond them  Is the Intellectual Sheath, which can  give

access    to    the Fountain of  Poesy,the  Hippocrene  !

In      thw    case of      Kalidasa,his   mind had         hit     the
Quantum   Ground  State,  accidentally   or providentially.

The Ground  State is  the  Source  of.  the Fountain of  Poesy.

Inspiration, intuition,  illumination and Revealation
all  come from thatCenter  in   us.

Center  of  Poesis

Referred  to  as the Helios/Heli/Heart  Center in  us,
This  Hrid  Chidakasa  is the  Seat  of   the Cause of
All Causes,  the Absolute  Self.  All  Poetry emanate from
this Center,   Sarva   Kavya  Prabhavanti Tasmat.

Poets  know  how  to manifest their talents.  Western Poets 

invoke  the Muse of   Poetry and   Indians, the  Deity of    

Poetry.  "   Sing, Heavenly   Muse"say the Western Poets ,

while  the  Indians say    "  Dance on my tongue, O Deity 

Of      Poetry".

Contacting this   Ground      State is       the    Secret         of
all      poetry.

Kalidasa  contacted  this  Unified  Field of   Consciousness
and   the Fountain  of  Poesy  surged        in      him.  This
was   symbolically    depicted as         the    Vision         of     

the    Mother      Divine.

Poesis         =        Esoteric      Knowledge


Q-      How  come          the    concept      of      Aeroplanes
or      Vimanas   was there   in  the  mind of  the poet  before  it
was   conceived In      the    scientific    mind?

A      The   greatest     Science,     Kavya   Sastra, contains,

          All     the    primitive    mysteries   of      Science!

          As      the    Center and   Circumference  of

          All     Science  is  comprehensible  to  Her

No     wonder      Indian         Wisdom     consists      of      millions
of Verses  and   the Poet  is defined   as a  diviner  or      sage,
Kavihi   Kranta   Darshee,   just   like    the    Romans
who  called  them   vates,         diviners!

The   poet  knows        that   he     may  not    be     compensated
in  the mundane   plane.  By  transporting  his     audience    to
the    altaltissimo of  Bliss, he  also becomes  the recipient    of  Bliss.
As long as he is in  the imagination rich  poetic world      

of  the supra-mundane, he is happy.  But  the minute he  touches

the mundane  plane, he becomes sorrowful.

This   is       evidenced  by Keats'  statement

 I fall   upon the    thorns of  Life

I bleed !

Walt Whitman had   experienced Bliss within himself.    He was what    the
Seers   of  the Upanishads   recommended to mortals, what Lord Krishna recommended
to Arjuna, a realized Self who views Becoming    under the  metaphor  of Being.

At times, he wanted to become the Macrocosm, to become the  Earth Geist,
to flow in and out of the   veins of Nature, a consummation   that Goethe's
Faust devoutedly yearned for, but was denied so at the last minute, because 

he   fell back on mundane  experience and empirical becoming.