Poetical is mightier than the Political,

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Poetical is mightier than the Political,
As Kavyam Kalpantara Sthayee !
Poetry transcends Cosmological Cycles,
Politics is subject to cyclical upheavals !
Where is Roman Empire now?
Or the British ?
Are not political empires subject,
To cyclical upheavals of Time?
There is no comparison between,
A Poet and a King.
King is worshipped in his own country,
Whereas a Poet is worshipped everywhere.
Kavitvam cha Nripatvam cha
Naiva tulyam kadachana.
Swadeshe Poojyate Raja,
Kaveendra Sarvatra Poojyate.
The Fool is worshipped ,
Only in his house !
Just like a Lord, who is worshipped,
In his village only.
Swa grihe poojyate moodah,
Swa grame poojyate prabhu
Swadeshe Poojyate Raja,
Kaveendra Sarvatra Poojyate.
The Magnificent Tribute - Changampuzha's to Kalidasa
O Changampuzha, while extolling the Master Poet,
Thou proved that thou art a poet par excellence !
Thy tribute is glorious and magnificent,
And can inspire millions !!
Tribute Superb
Even though centuries have elapsed,
After thy glorious exit,
Thou shineth like a star undecaying,
In the horizon of eternal remembrance !

"From whence this eloquence?".
Asthi Kaschit Vag Vilasah ?"
Asked thy Princess-wife,
When silver tongued oratory blessed thee !
Glorious poems poured out of thee,
As if Wisdom's Deity was dancing,
On thy tongue; Her positive response,
To prayer " Nrithamadenum Saraswatee "
Thy foray into Transcendence,
Was pictured by the wise,
As an encounter with Time Eternal,
The Mighty Kala Swaroopini, Kali !
Thy mind settled in the Quantum  Ground  State,
And Hippocrene poured out of thee !
Mind Indian vibrates in pride
At the very mention of thy name !
Heaven and Earth were integrated by thee,
In thy magnum opus, the Sakuntala.
Thou extolled the greatness of Beauty,
And redemption through Beauty Eternal !
Lokavum Naakavum Kootti inakki nee,
Shakunthalathil Kanaka shalakayal.
Meghangalallatha Sanatana Premama,
Meghathine kondu eduthu paadichu nee !

About Love Everlasting  which is not cloud,

Thou made the clouds sing about it ( Megha Sandesa ) !
Thou taught via royal Raghu,
Ethics and Morality of the Eternal ! ( Raghu Vamsa )
Thou extolled sacrifice of Mother Divine,
In Kumara Sambhava, equating Her,
With the Three Idols Of Indian Womanhood,
Famous trio, Sita, Sati & Savithri !