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Another system of Numerology existed in India, based on the Vital Number. It is different from other forms  of Numerology, which take into account only the Birth number. Month and year of birth are ignored. This Vital Number is based on the ownership of planets.


Your personality characteristics, fate and planetary positions at the time of your birth are closely inter connected.  Indian, Western, Chinese, Egyptian and Korean astrologers as well as Numerologists have established this fact. 


The Vital Number is ruled by a key planet and that planet is the most important planet which influences the person. Know your Vital Number and use this Number for success in Speculation - in lottery, stock exchange and jackpot. The Number 3 is always beneficial for me, as it is ruled by a well positioned Jupiter in my horoscope ( Jupiter in Cancer in the Ascendant ). So what I did was to take a lottery ticket whose Fadic Number is 3. I got a fairly big prize. I used this Number in the Stock Market also. Jupiter rules Banking and Banking stocks - SBI,  ICICI Bank, Corporation Bank etc - gave me good returns. Stock Market Numerology ! I entered the market at 3500 levels and exited at 6100 levels, since I did not want to take more risks. Moderate should be our aim. Not greed. So these psychic sciences can be used to make a living.  We cannot go bust, unless  Greed takes the upper hand.  


Numerology deals with the correspondences between the Nine Digits, the Nine Planets, the Nine Gems etc. If you know your lucky number and can use it properly, it is half the battle won ! 


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You can use our Personality Analysis Software and advise your friends and customers about their lucky numbers, which when used in Investment & Speculation can bring home the bacon ! 

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