Symbolism of Lord Parjanya, the Lord of Thunder and Rainfall

  ( written on 25052015)


What is the symbolism of Lord Parjanya ? He is the Twelfth Sun, amongst the Dwadasa Adityas, mythologically the twelve sons of Aditi, the White Mother of the Superconscient Infinite. The Sun in Mesha is Vidhatha and the Sun in Pisces is Parjanya. It should be noted that when He transited Meena, precipitation occurred. It started raining here from March onwards !

Yes, from Uthrattathi Njattuvela onwards. Many thought they were summer rains, but in actuality they were pre Monsoon showers ! Meena and Mesha are months before Edava Pathi !



The Four Seasons of Western Astronomy are created by Him, Sol or Ravi. He also creates the Six Seasons, the Six Rithus, that is His passage through the Twelve Major Signs creates the Seasons ! The lunar months of Chaitra and Vaishakha constitute the First Rithu, the First Indian Season, Vasantha. He also creates the Twenty Seven Njattuvelas !
His passage through the 27 constellations, the 27 Jnattuvelas,, causes Rainfall and vegetation, from which cometh food, Adityath Jayathe Vrishti / Vrishter Annam Thada Praja.

468 deaths have been reported due to Sunstroke. 302 of them in the Andhra Telegana Region.102 in the last 24 hours. Effects due to El Nino, they say. 2015 has been declared as the Year of the Christ Child.

In such adverse circumstances, we need Lord Parjanya's help. May He make the Njattuvelas rain heavily, not only on the 825 km long Malabar Coast, but other places as well !
This is what the Gita says about Lord Parjanya
Annāth  Bhavanti Bhootāni
Parjanyād Anna Sambhava
Yajħād Bhavati Parjanyo
Yajħa Karma Samudbhava
All beings come from food; food is created by rainfall, rainfall is created by Yajnas and Yajnas come from duties prescribed.
The Lord is the Yajna Purusha and Lord Parjanya is His aspect as Lord of the Rains !

Photo given is that of Parjanya Yajna.