Other Revealed Equations.


The Unbounded Energy we are confronted with ,
Of a Spaceless and Timeless Existence,
Which alone sustains Space, Time and Cosmos,
Is an equal and impartiail Mother, Samam Brahma.

This Equality Equation, Equality = Being,
Which means that Absolute is Equal,
And Equanimous, is the precursor,
To The Marxist Brahman / Divine Communism Book

An egalitarian society was formed,
By this equation glorious.
Another definition, Yoga = Equality,
Added fuel to the fire.

So Socialism was born in India
And all men were deemed equal,
Before the Divine and this Equation,
Did not conflict with Materialism.

Another great equation, Silence = Being,
Was revealed as Nisabdam Brahma.
From this equation arose great Aphorisms,
Like " Speech is Silver, Silence Gold "

Observing Silence is a Yogic Method,
As the Self is the Silence beyond Time.
In Silence, we have to climb,
From our Earth, to Heaven.

Mouna is Sanskrit for Silence,
And the Silent Ones were Munis.
Fixed in calms of Contemplation,
Were the munis of yore.

Munis sit in a state of,
Superconscient Silence.
For, the Self is an utter Being,
And all these, Its Becomings.

Another Equation, Overmind = Being,
Was revealed to Aurobindo as Vijnanam Brahma.
Overmind is the vast Organiser,
Of many potentialities of Existence.