Other Eternal Commandments

The West knows only Ten,
Commandments of Lord,
The East knows more than hundred,
Such Commandments!

Be without the three attributes,
Of Nature Almighty,
Transcend the attributes triune,
With Meditation Threefold.

( Nistraigunyo Bhava )

Let the Sciences be your guide.
Is another Commandment Eternal,
Let Scientia intuitiva guide you,
To the Omega of Absolute Brahman!

( Tasmat Sastram Pramanam The ).

" Consecrate thy soul to Me"
Is another divine commandment.
By doing so, thou shalt overcome,
All difficulties by Grace Divine !

(  Mat Chitha Sarva Durgani
Mat Prasadath Tarishyasi  )

Seek Thy Self is another,
As this world is ephemeral,
And as the Self transcends,
Fluctuations of Physic and Psyche.

( Anityam Asukham Lokam
Imam Prapya Bhajaswa Maam  )

As the Yogi is superior to ascetics,
And those well versed in lore,
And the devout Karmis,
Be thou a Yogi.

( Yoga Yukto Bhava )

Be without dualities,
Which afflict Mind !
Shame and glory, joy and sorrow
Are same to the Yogi.

What Keats called Achievement,
Of the Negative Capability,
Is the state of    Sthita Prajna,
Surmounter of dualities.

He who is established in Self,
Seeing Self in all and all in Self,
Is    Sthitha Prajna called,
The Sage Actualised,   Seer Realised.

( Nir Dwandho Bhava )

Just Be. An instrument of Mine,
For I have destroyed enemies of thine,
Adverse forces which bind thee,
To the sublunar world mighty !

( Nimitta Matram Bhava )

Rely on Me, the Self eternally,
Not relying on the Relative.
I shall deliver thee from all Sin,
And that formidable force in Man, Evil !

( Mamekam Sharanam Vrija     )

Transcending the triune attributes,
Thou shalt reach Shuddha  Satwa
Be in that state always,
It is nearest to Self.

( Nitya Sattwastho Bhava )

Money binds; Morality liberates,
Money is not true Wealth.
Money fosters  Ego,
Transcend that which bindeth thee !

The Universal hath declared,
I will look after thy needs,
With such an Assurance,
One need not  worry at all.

Furthur,  He has given the Abhaya  Vachana  ,
My devotee shall never perish !
Leading us to Self Actualisation is His Duty,
And He will do it effectively.

( Nir Yogakshema Atmanan )

Meditate  to know Truth Absolute,
Meditate to know thy Self,
That which is absolutely Real,
Beyond all Relativity!      

(        Tapah   )

LOVE, Love All, Serve All,
Hate None, Help Ever, Hurt Nver,
Forgive Ever and Educate All,
Sure, you will actualise SELF !

( Premam Brahma )