Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam or Shad Akshara Stotra 

This is known as Shad Akshara Mantra

With six verses, beginning with
Each letter of the six glorious letters,
Om, Na Ma Si Va Ya !
The letters Six are He !

He who is of the nature of AUM
Symbolising the three states relative
Waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep
And the Fourth, Transcendence
Who resides as Dot in the Heart
Meditated by Yogis ever
Who is the conferror
Of both Liberation and Prosperity
To Him of the form of AUM
I bow in reverential awe !

Omkaaram Bindu-Samyuktam Nityam Dhyaayanti Yoginah
Kaamadam Mokssadam Caiva Omkaaraaya Namo Namah
To whom all Seers pay obeisances
All men, all heavenly damsels
Who is revered by celestials !
To Him, of the nature of Na, I bow !

Namanti Rssayo Devaa Namanty-Apsarasaam Gannaah 
Naraa Namanti Deve[a-Ii]sham Nakaaraaya Namo Namah 

He who is the greatest Deity
Whose greatness cannot be defined
The Goal of all Meditation divine
Destroyer of all sins
To Him, of the nature of Ma, I bow !

Mahaadevam Mahaa-Aatmaanam Mahaa-Dhyaanam Paraa yannam
Mahaa-Paapa-Haram Devam Makaaraaya Namo Namah

He who is most Auspicious

Abode of Peace, Lord of all worlds,
Who does His beneficent work
One who is Eternally Free
To Him, of the nature of Si, I bow !

Shivam Shaamtam Jagan[t]-Naatham Loka-[A]nugraha-Kaarakam 
Shivam-Eka-Padam Nityam Shikaaraaya Namo Namah 

He who rides on a Bull

Who wears Vasuki, the snake
Whose left is adorned by Mother Divine
To Him, of the nature of Va, I bow

Vaahanam Vrssabho Yasya Vaasukih Kamttha-Bhuussannam 
Vaame Shakti-Dharam Devam Vakaaraaya Namo Namah 

He who is present always
Where the celestials reside

Who is the Preceptor of all celestials
To Him, of the nature of Ya, I bow

Yatra Yatra Sthito Devah Sarva-Vyaapii Mahe[a-Ii]shvarah 
Yo Guruh Sarva-Devaanaam Yakaaraaya Namo Namah 

Whoever recites 
This magnificent sextet
These verses six
Near His symbol
In deep devotion
Attains Heaven !

Ssaddakssaram-Idam Stotram Yah Padeth -Shiva-Samnidhau 
Shiva-Lokam-Avaapnoti Shivena Saha Modate.

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