Of the Eternal Law

Aurobindo was an Integral Yogi,
Of a high spiritual ordér.
He prayed for Indian Independence.
When nation was ruled by British.

" The atheist was in me
The agnostic was in me
If Thou Existeth
Give India her freedom"

Immediately no answer came
But after some hours, a torrent of Bliss
Surged up within his ascetic being,
And he felt the Invasion and the Nameless Joy.

For it was the Hour of the Incalculable,
The Hour of Eternity, a Meeting with Infinity,
Where a Voice not unfamiliar to him spoke.
The sweet, Voice Divine spoke to him thus.

"This is the Eternal Law, this is Sanathan Dharma,
This is the system which I have perfected
Through the Saints, the Yogis,
The Rishies and the Avatars !


When you go forth
Speak to your nation
That it is for Dharma India exists.
I am giving India her freedom now.

"I am seated deep in the hearts of all
And overrule their actions and words
It is I who am doing all this
It is al I will and not what others seall.

What I propose to bring about,
No human power can stay !
Remember there is nothing impossible,
There is nothing difficult.

The Voice told him to go to Pondicherry
Where he wrote the whole world to redeem.
He used to hear the Voice frequently
"It is I who is doing all this".

Is the ultimate formula of Yoga
Divine Transmutation of Man?
He became divine himself !
Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavati

His Birthday coincided
With Indian Independence Day
He acknowledged that Grand Coincidence,
And the Universal Will behind it !

' I take this circumstance
Not as a fortuitous accident
But as a sanction
Of the Divine Force"

As he was gifted with Pen's power,
The Britishers used to say,
That the most dangerous man was he,
Not Gandhi, Nehru or Patel !

For the Pen can change mass opinions,
Thereby creating a Revolution.
The Pen can destroy empires,
Verily, Pen is the master weapon.