All these 18 sciences,

Emanate from poetry
All knowledge is told
In language poetic.
Science  of  Heavens,
Science of Numbers,
And Wisdom of Heavens,
Is Jyoti sastra !
Sciences behind Universe,
Are Science  of  Universe,
Science  of  Angles,
Used by Great Geometer !
First Science, the Scientia Prima,
Is Science  of  Absolute.
Last Science, the Scientia Ultima,
Is Science  of  Union Cosmic.

On Sep 15, 2021,
Jove, retrogrades to Capricorn.
He will be there till 20, November,
Showering blessings to five Moon Signs.


Wtth Jupiter's change,
Time becomes beneficial,
For five Moon Signs,
And Adverse  for rest seven !
Can expect  better times.
The rest should be cautious,
And vigilant while investing.
For Jupiter is  the  planet,
Which rules Finance,
Signifying wealth supreme,
Transcendental and terrestrial.
Jove was in acceleration,
And now he is retrograde.
Going back to Capricorn,
And becoming positive.
Retrogression is  considered benign,
Such a planet is positive.
Acceleration is the reverse phenomenon.
Such a planet is considered malign.
Mantreswara in  Phaladeepika says,
A retrograde planet is  exalted.
And a planet in same sign in Amsa as well,
Is equal to a planet in own house.
A unique concept, Wealth Ascendant,
Was developed by Kalidasa.
In hs manum opus, Uttara Kalamrita,
Involving 2,5,9,10 lords.
If benefics retrograde,
Idealist   nations wil rise.
If malefics retrograde,
Terrorism will walk on earth.
Jove's acceleration generated,
The fearful Rise of Terrorism,
Both physical and biological,
And the world is in total disarray.