Of Mythology, which is Psychology in ancient dress !

Presenting scientific truths as stories
Is the function and role of Mythology.
Heavenly, celestial truths cannot be taught,
Save through symbols, allegories, emblems and myths !

Ithihaasa Puranabhyam
Vedam Samupa Brimhayeth

Myth stories have two types of meaning,
Exoteric and Esoteric,
Outer meaning and inner meaning
Bahya Abhyantara Bhedath Dwividha

Bacon, Father of English Prose,
Opined that scientific truths,
Are contained in Myths,
In his " De Sapientia Vaterum ".

The Ardha Nareeswara Concept,
Symbolises that Purusha and Prakriti are One.
Being and Becoming coalesce,
And remain forever inextricable.

Exoteric meaning is superficial
Esoteric meaning is all in all,
Inner meaning is revealed by Guru,
The Guru who is within.

The intimate tie between Mythology and Psychology,
Was theorised by Carl Stillman.
Mythology is Psychology in ancient dress,
Psychology is Mythology in modern dress.