Music of the Spheres Nine

We are insensitive
To overtones of Reality
Which hum around us
We are blinded by worldliness !

Genius hears overtones,
Of Music of the Spheres Nine,
Genius knows why
Philosophy is Music highest !

Music was placed in the Quadrivium,
Along with Arithmetic, Arts  Four,
Along with Astronomy & Geometry,
Great Liberating  Four Arts !

Veena Venu Mridanga Ninadam
VIharati Vidyadhara Geetam
This Music is transcendental,
Hence called Musica Sacra !

Not only Maths, but Music.
Also lured Pythagorus !
He became intoxicated,
With the Music of Heavens Nine !

Sleeping Music was aroused,
By the Meditation of Yogis superna!
This Divine Enchantress,
With Sa ri ga ma pa da ni as Her veins!

O Carrier of the Seven Octaves,
Beauty of morn is innate in thee,
And splendor of constellations,
And glories of Dusk & Dawn.



Science of Lyrics, Geetha,

Science of Music instrumental,
Science of Dance aeternum,
Constiitute Music Etermal !
Music alone can liberate,
Advaita   Siddikki Aamaratna labdikki
Being  eternal, Bliss it bestoweth,
Sangeetame Pranamoo.....
The Magic of the  Seven Octaves,
She pervades everywhere!        
Music of Spheres Nine,
Is Music Astro Mystical !
Nrityati Nrityati Brahma Padam,
Nakshatra Nava Graha Hamsa Padam
Isnt the Cosmic Dance,
Dance of subatomic Matter? 
Isnt Dance linked to Music?
Cosmic Dance &   Cosmic Music,
Along with Poetry Cosmic,
Represent Musica Cosmiica!
Music of Spheres, said Kepler,
Is system harmonic of musical scale,
As the Lord has expressed,
In harmonising heavenly Motions !
Manifesting eternally  in the Universe,
In the infinite galaxies and constellations,
As Sound, as Form, for Life to blossom,
This Celestial Music is on,  for geniuses !
The Rhythms of Orbital Revoutions,
Rhythms of Universal Nature,
Rhythms of  Srishti, Sthithi and Laya,
Are embodied in His Dance  Supernal !