Mundane Astrology & World Peace   


Israel & India - Nations Fighting for Survival

Here we analyse the destiny of two nations struggling for survival & caught up in the Clash of Civilizations - Israel & India.

Philosophically, the origin of all religions is One and the Same - the Lord. The Hebrew Religion is a Vedic Religion. It has its origin in the Vedas. Jesus was a reformer. He came to modify the outmoded religion. Mohammed took the principles of both Judaism and Christianity & founded Islam. Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism are all offshoots of Hinduism. Hence all religions are based on the Vedic principles of " I am the Universal Truth " ( Aham Brahmasmi ) &         " That art Thou " ( Tat Tvam Asi).

Correspondence between Astronomical Rhythms & Historical Rhythms

Astro Cycles have always fascinated mankind and a shrewd discerner can see the correlation between astronomical cycles & historical events. An important correlation exists between the history of Jews during the last two thousand years and Astro cycles. To the philosophic student who has profound knowledge of astro rhythms & cycles known in V A as conjunctions & Yugas, the history of Jews represents the rise of a particular civilization & the happenings in the Holy Land assume ominous significance.

We have said earlier that the Precessional Cycle is roughly 25200 years and the Vernal Equinoctial Point precedes one degree every 70 years. A sub cycle of 10 degree precession is 700 years. A definite rhythm can be noticed between the equinoctial sub cycle ( the period taken by the Vernal Point to pass through a Decanate or Drekkana ) and the growth of the Seven civilizations (Western, Chinese, Japanese, Islamic, Indo-Slav, African & Indian ).

Human Life Span           ( 1 degree * 70 years )       =    70 years   

Sub Cyle                       ( 10 degrees * 70 years )    =    700 years   

Age Cycle                     ( 30degrees * 70 years )     =    2100 years   

Precessional Cycle         ( 360 degrees * 70 years )  =    25200 years


The cycle begins from A D 700, the date of rise of Islamic Civilization and their conquest of Egypt. 700 years later America was discovered indicating the rise of the Western Civilization. Count Louis Hamon remarked that " this important date for the continent of America coincides with the date given for the return of the Israelites into their own land and the commencement of the Twelve Tribes as one nation,  fulfilling the prophecy of Jeremiah". The next date would be 2100 A D, and within this 700 years, the Jews will have moved forward at a rapid pace and made tremendous strides in economic, military & scientific spheres.

When a militant Jewish nationalism meets a stauch Arab nationalism, we have the Palestinian equation. In the chart of Israel (14/05/1948, 0400 PM, Tel Aviv ), all planets are in Dwirdwadasa ( 2/12 positions ) except Jupiter. With the second degree of Libra rising, this infant state was born in an atmosphere of hatred & violence. Saturn afflicting the Moon is a threat to longevity, indicating that fighting between Jews and Arabs will continue without any respite, throughout the remaining part of the current period of Saturn. The seventh house, the house of war is vitiated by the North Node and aspected cruelly and powerfully by Saturn, indicating that the Arabs will find it difficult to maintain their unity.



The powerful Raja Yoga formed in the 10th with the dominance of Moon and Saturn on the Meridien indicates a great future for Israel. Tthis nation will have to pay a great price for its military genius as Saturn-Moon conjunction indicates unbearable distress, sorrow & suffering. Even though for a longish period of time, they will have to suffer terribly in prolonged warfare, the State of Isreal will become a strong bulwark against the spread of terrorism. The position of Jupiter in his own house with Mars in the 11 H promises a great future for Judea. Russia will lend a helping hand as Saturn is benign.

At the moment, we dont find any sign that the Jew and the Arab will settle down without any conflict. As forecast by the prophet Ezekial, the great Armageddon will be fought on the sands of Palestine !

Not narrow communalism but Nationalism was the main driving force behind Judea and this is indicated by Jupiter's situation in his own house in the 9th from its ruling sign.We can see that the fiery nature of Mars is implanted on the character of the State - democratic, aggressive & ready to fight for its existence.

In the horoscope of Ariel Sharon, Jupiter is in the Ascendant conferring Hamsa Yoga, one of the best yogas in V A. The exaltation of war-lord Mars has made him militant and a staunch nationalist. Venus joins exalted Mars, indicating a very determined person who is not averse to using the military option. The seventh lord is connected to War and now Mr Sharon is passing through the dasa of Mercury, the 7th lord. Cancer rising is the Ascendant of Palestine.The presence of Moon and Saturn in 8 H is indicative of a Balarishta Yoga, and it indicates tremendous suffering. The Ascendant is helpless in a cuspal degree, in Gandantha. The Sun, even though exalted is placed in a fatal degree, the 20th degree of Aries. With Saturn, Rahu and Mars in Taurus, violence will hold absolute sway and the conscience of the world will be shocked.


The North Node, Rahu rises in exact conjunction with Taurus Ascendant in Delhi, joined by Mrigasira,a Martian constellation, Saturn & the luminaries. This is an indication which is negative, and confrontation within and without is the heavenly indicator. The capital market is unstable, unsteady and fluctuating, threatened by war clouds. The Sun, the King of the Solar Logos & representative of the Government, is afflicted meaning that the leadership is facing big challenges.



Foreign policy is under severe strain as the seventh lord is in the adverse 8th. Explosive violence characteristic of the Dark Age ( Kali Yuga), war cries, mass hysteria, high tempers etc characterise this nation's woes. Strife and struggle indicated in neighbouring countries, as the much afflicted Venusian sign rises in those states. India is a lonely state like Israel, and will be a global power by 2100 ( which is the date for the next epoch ), after a lot of struggle and strife. India's resilience cannot be doubted, for she has successfully withstood the onslaughts from other civilizations !

Astrology is an indicative science and no fatalism is implied. Past, present and future are imbedded in the womb of Almighty Time and Astrology is merely a diagnostic tool to understand the workings of Time Eternal. It is the application of the Law of Probability in toto, based on astronomical facts. It is the duty of the United Nations to prevent bloodshed and the Clash of Civilizations. Only Universal Love, and not war,  can save this world. Let us remember what Shaw said "God created a perfect Heaven and only man's foolishness prevents it from making it a Paradise". ! Let us not cling to ego-coloured perspectives but be broadminded enough to tolerate our brethren !

Universal Love cognised is Truth

Universal Love in action is Non-violence

Universal Love as feeling is Peace.