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                                  Monthly   Report  for JAN 2024  

      Rah    Jup  
 Sun      Moo


Mer Ven    Ket



Aries - Mesha  Taurus ( Vrishabha )  Gemini(Midhuna) 
Cancer    ( Kataka )  Leo ( Simha )  ( Kanya ) 
Libra     (Thula )   Scorpio ( Vrischika)  Sagittarius (Dhanus )
Capricorn ( Makara)         Aquarius ( Kumbha )  Pisces ( Meena ) 

Please click on your Sidereal Moon Sign & know what this month holds for you.  

More comprehensive reports are available at                                                                                                           

Moon Sign - Otherwise known as the Lunar Ascendant, this Sign is the Sign where the Moon is posited in  your sidereal horoscope.( If you dont know your Moon Sign, please submit your time, place and date of birth at  and know ). Email to

In the Transit Report you may find contradictory results but you have to understand that transit of some planets are positive and some negative. You will be experiencing both  positive and  negative effects, as Life is a commingling of the positive and the negative. As Hegel pointed out "Truth, like the atom, is the organic Unity of opposed parts"!




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