Medha Sooktam, the Hymn of Intelligence


Medha means genius, intelligence and Medha Sooktam is the Hymn of
Intelligence. It is part of the Maha Narayana Upanishad.

We invoke the Goddess of Intelligence
Who is omnipresent and ever happy
May we, grief stricken people,
Before her advent
Become intelligent, geniuses
Become Self Actualised !

Devi jushamana na aagath,
Viswachi bhadra sumanasyamana,
Thvaya jushta jushamana dhurookthan,
Brahad vadema vidardhe suveera.

One becomes a Sage by Thy Grace
Learned in all sciences
Rich beyond the dreams of avarice

Many kinds of wealth
Grace Thy devotees
Give us intellect and wealth
O Mighty Mother !

Thwaya jushtaa rishir bhavathi devi,
Thwaya brahmagath srirutha thwaya,
Thwaya jushtaschithramvindathe vasu,
Sa no jushasva dravinena medhe.
Those who wear garlands of lotuses
May  them give me intelligence
The mighty Indra
The lovely Saraswathi
And Ashwinis, divine physicians !

Medham ma indro dadathu,
Medham devi Saraswathi.
Medam may ashvinou ubhavadathaam,

Give me intelligence, O Mother

Enriched are they by genius
The bewitching Apsaras
The lovely Gandharvas
Divine Saraswathi Herself
Let Intelligence spread like fragrance
I surrender to Thee !

Aapsaraasu cha ya medha,
Gandharveshu cha yan mana,
Devi medha Saraswathi,
Sa mam medha surabhir jushtaam

Isnt Intelligence glorious like Ambrosia
Isnt Intelligence golden and all pervasive ?
Potent is Intelligence
Which all humans yearn
Let It come to me with love
And favor me graciously !

Aa maam mesha surabhir viswa roopa,
Hiranya varna jagathi jaamya,
Oorjaswathi payasaa pinvamaanaa,
Sa maam medha suprathika jushtaam.

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