The Mathematical, Absolute Brahman

Any number into Infinity is Infinity,
Any number into Zero is Zero
Then what is Zero into Infinity?
Mathematically, an Indeterminate.

Brahman has been defined as Infinity (Anantam Brahma )
And also as Zero ( Shoonyam ennum chilar )
So, what is He really?
Philosophically, an Indeterminate.

Ganitha Sastra is the Science of magnitude,
The Science of the more or less,
The Science of quantities,
But, is the Science of the Infinite !

Universe has neither Center nor Circumference.
It would have had a Center, if Circumference existed.
Since it cannot be enclosed within any Center or Circumference
It would be unintelligible, without the Absolute , being both.

The Absolute is an Infinite Sphere,
Center everywhere, Circumference nowhere.
This is the second best Definition,
The first being Being-Knowledge-Bliss !

At Infinity, Center and Circumference are one,
Maxima and minima coincide.
Science and Art meet at Infinity,
Past, Present and Future become one.

Maths became Meta Maths,
When Godel declared that Truth,
Cannot be represented by finitude,
As it is non finite and transcendental !