The Myriad Manifestations of Absolute Truth

In his " Apologia For Poetry ", the noble Sir Philip Sydney,
Defended Poetry against the attack of a critic, Glosson.
Glosson said that Poets are incorrigible liars and pied pipers,
Which Sydney countered saying they were Vates, Diviners !

Averred Sydney " It pleased the Heavenly Deity, through Homer et al,
To bequeath to us all Knowledge - logic, rhetoric, philosophy, natural and moral.
These sciences are called by Indians as Sastras,
Logic is Nyaya Sastra and Natural Philosophy, Sankhya Sastra.

Eighteen such Sastras grace Indian Philosophy,
Indian Philosophy is a humiliating term given,
To the eighteen methods of gaining Knowledge,
Science of the Absolute and Affiliated Sciences may be a better term.

He who has undergone Divine Transmutation,
And who can transmute others, is Bhagavan !
In Bhakti Yogic terms, they are all Incarnations,
Either Partial or Full, Amsa or Poorna Avatars!

( Bhavam Nihatya Yogam Dadati iti Bhagah )

In Thy Manifestation as Bhagavan Sankara,
Thou imparted the Wisdom of Advaita Vedanta Sastra.
Thou revived the Wisdom of the Absolute and Relative,
And protected that system that taketh you to Unitive Knowledge.

In Thy Incarnation as Bhagavan Aurobindo,
Thou bestowed the Knowledge of Integral Yoga.
People were arguing about different Yogas,
But Thou integrated them, embracing Him in all.

In Thy Manifestation as Bhagavan Kapila,
Thou bequethed the Wisdom of Sankhya Sastra.
Know 24 principles, live in Rhythm with Natural Law,
With Intellectual Love and be eternally free !

In Thy Incarnation as Bhagavan Satya Sai,
Thou taught us the value of Intellectual Love.
Thou declared " Love is Divine Medicine",
And that Love Universal alone can redeem !

In Thy Manifestation as Bhagavan Dhanvantari,
Thou imparted the Knowledge of Ayurveda Sastra,
Thus medical knowledge was revealed first,
And Thou extolled Continence as a Panacea for all.

In Thy Manifestation as Bhagavan Patanjali,
Thou bestowed the Wisdom of Yoga Sastra.,
With a single definition, Thou adumbrated Yoga,
Extirpation of Thought Waves is Yoga.