Love is mightier than the  sword

Love is Expansion
Hatred is Contraction
Love is Life,
Hatred is Death.

Love is positive,
Hatred is negative.
Love alone ennobles,
Hatred is self punisher !

Universe is Consciousness,
As Everlasting Love,
As Consciousness Manifested,
As the multiple multiverses  !

Love is the Forgiver,
Hatred is the Forgetter.
Hatred is the All Loser,
Love  is the All  Conqueror !

As Nature's second Sun,
Love maketh  everything bloom    !
World becomes graveyard,
If Love is forsaken !

Greatest mantra under the  Sun,
Love Universal is   Guru.
Premam Anandam Brahma,
Expresses Him entire !

Love is the Redeemer,
Also the highest culture.
Highest education is Love,
As well as the highest  Justice.

Prema is the Fifth   Purushartha,
After  Artha, Dharma, Kama    and Moksha.
Also the Fifth Dharma,
After Brahmacharya  Garhastya Vanaprasta  &  Sanyasa.

Love  is  Quintessence,
Of Universal Being !
Love surpasses Wisdom,
For in Love is all wisdom contained !

Is there anything greater,
Than Intellectual Love?
Love is the summum  bonum,
The Alpha and Omega!