Some mantras protect
The devoted chanter,
Self protecting by Nature,
They are called Kavachs.
Every Deity has a Kavach,
Every Planet has a Kavach
An anology from Physics
Will be the Meissner Effect !
When lead becomes superconductive
Iron filings move away from lead
Phenomena of Superconductivity and Superfluidity,
Grace Physics.
Like iron filings which move away,
Unnecessary sufferings also move away !
From the chanter of Kavach,
He who chants the Kavach mantra !
Devaisthu Kavacham Divyam,
DIvine is the Kavach of Sacred Mother
Also Kavachs of other deities,
And the Kavachs of planets nine !
Know whcich period you are running,
Recite the Kavach mantra of that planet,
Kavach protecteth thee,
Giving prosperity & destroying enemies.