Intellectual Love,Vibhakti, 

is the greatest quality

If you know that I and Thou art One,
Thou art a Philosopher.
Sanskrit words for I and Thou are Njan and Nee,
So Jnani means a Philosopher.

Philosophy without Love
Is defined as madness.
So Philosophic Love is the answer,
And it is this Love Intellectual.

Philosophy is an intellectual science,
It is the completion of Science,
In the Synthesis of Wisdom,
And is the Science of all sciences.

Vi Bhakti is Vedantic Bhakti,
Bhakti means Love,
Vedanta is Science of Being,
So ViBhakti = Love Intelllectual.

The Lord hath declared
That Jnani is beloved to Me
That Jnani who loveth,
Bird, Man & Beast.

Intellectual Love manifests,
As Love of beauteous Nature,
As Love of Philosophic Deity,
And this should become Universal.

He who worships Sree Chakra,
Worships the external symbol first.
Then worships respectable society
Which is the true Sree Chakra.

Serve the Divine in Man,
Serve the Positive in Man,
For, Jana Seva = Janardhana Seva
And Manava Seva = Madhava Seva

Intellectual Love should expand to National Love
To redeem the nation.
Intellectual Love should expand to Universal Love
To redeem the world.