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Definiton of Fadic Number

  If you are born on June 23rd 1955, you can add all the digits , 2+3+0+6+1955 and you get 4 as the Fadic Number. Individual Fadic Number is 5 and the Integral Fadic Number is 31.  
Effects of Fadic Number 4 in Birth Day Numerology 

Integral Fadic Number = 13
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Even though you love ancient culture you are  a lover of the modern. You will not lack in any field in life.  You will not be bothered about the future. You are prone to anger.  This quality will create a bad reputation for you. If they plan  everything with insight & aforethought you will be successful in  their ventures. You will become a magistrate or a judge as you  believe in the might of justice. Despite accumulated property you  will have your own savings. You will not get the help of your  friends & relatives. You are straight forward and honest. You will be enthusiastic in every activity.

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Integral Fadic Number = 22
Fortune will grace you in life. You will be  handling money all the time. Even if you born in a low family  you will have prosperity in life. You will earn via trade. You  will also adopt means which are not above board. Your wedded life will be marked by occasional clashes.

Integral Fadic Number = 31

You will be successful in all that you do.  You will only indulge in activities which you think will bring home the bacon. 8 4 12 - these numbers are favourable to them.  You will have high savings and fame in profession. It is likely  that you may be adopted by another family. You will be known as a workaholic.

Integral Fadic Number = 40
Prosperity graces you in old age. Till that  time life will be marked by suffering. You may not get the help  of others. You can only rise to the top by dint of your own  efforts. You will be highly contented as you know how to find peace & happiness in whatever position you are placed in.
Integral Fadic Number = 49
You will live using your artistic skills. You  will have tremendous self-confidence & self-faith. You will attain  fame by indulging in physical games. Your life will be marked by  dire vicissitudes. Even then you will not lose presence of mind.  If you have money you will give it to others. In dire crisis you  may get it back also.

Integral Fadic Number = 58

You will earn reputation & respect from govt. You will feel the necessity of discovering new & new things. You  will be blessed with devotion humility & reverence for preceptors. Even then you will have powerful enemies. You will have the help of  relatives.

Integral Fadic Number = 67

You will earn the respect of society. You will  shine in whatever profession you are in. You will have the fortune of travelling abroad. You will have vehicles of your own. Even if  you work very hard you may not get adequate compensation. You will shine in cottage industries. Even if you have immense money you may not be able to take food in time. Domestic life will be stable.

Integral Fadic Number = 76

You will only achieve success only after a fierce  battle. You will shine in partnership deals. If you indulge in any activity you will have to face defeat initially. You love the  adventuorus and you will not be satisfied in the economic sphere.  You will have high expenditure which will be more than your income If you seek other's help it won't be of much use.

Integral Fadic Number = 85

You will progress due to enemies. You will exercise  maximum care & tread very cautiously. Most of these people will be
having expertise in handicrafts.Some will join the legal department.  Some will embrace Medicine. If you use your abilities properly you can rise to the pinnacle of glory.

Integral Fadic Number = 94

You will be indulging in exports. Your efforts  will fructify during the bright fortnight that is 15 days after the  New Moon. You will make money after 30 and build a house and buy  property. After marriage they will indulge in trade with foreign  lands and become famous. After middle age they will have mental peace. More than relatives friends will help them a great deal.
Integral Fadic Number = 103

You will be blessed with good knowledge. You  will have a high ranking job. You will be crowned with success &  fame. You will have the fortune of travelling overseas. You help  everybody. But people do not help you normally. The family members will help and love you.

Effects of Fadic Number 5
Integral Fadic Number = 14

You will shine as a lawyer after taking high  degrees in Law. If you indulge in trade you will get good benefits.  You will humour everybody with your jokes. You will get respect  from highly placed people. You will be successsful in love affairs.  Your old age will be marked by problems.You may have accidents from fire or water. Devotion to the Lord will save you from many crisis.

Integral Fadic Number = 23
You will shine as an artist. You are likely to  succeed overseas.You may associate with trade. If you serve the Govt  or the Military you will get high rank. You will lead a contented  life.If you are not careful you may have serious problems. You need  immense care and caution in life. Family members will help them.

Integral Fadic Number = 32

You are highly enthusiastic. You will gain wealth  slowly. You will have high education & a good job. High ranks will  come after them.You will gain the praise of all.You may be assailed by physical ailments. If you turn to Bhakthi Yoga & Jnana Yoga you
will get mental peace.

Integral Fadic Number = 41

The economic field will be stable. You will  be graced by the goddess of Fortune. You will have expertise in  constructive activity. You will innovate every field. You will  gain the respect and congratulations of all. Even though sorrow & happiness alternate life will be quite enjoyable.

Integral Fadic Number = 50

You will reach the top by sheer hard work. You  will not have other's help. You will have many problems in profession.You will be criticised heavily by many. You will have prosperity after 40. Astrologic knowledge will make you famous.
Integral Fadic Number = 59

In whatever activity you indulge in you will be  guided by the principle of profit.Your aim in life is to amass largesse.You will not care for dresses & you will look as if you have attained total renunciation. Thinking of short term gains you will
move away from education & and indulge in agriculture or trade. But then when wisdom dawns on you that education is imperative for  success you will enter educational field again and try for high  merit. But then that will be with a business eye. You will forget
about your health problems during the hard work which you put in  to make wealth. Ultimately the wealth which you earned by miserliness will have to be given to the doctor and occultist.

Integral Fadic Number = 68

You will be soft hearted. You will have attractive  and elegant gait. You will have professional enhancement.You will be
liberal.You will have sympathy for the subordinates. You will argue  rationally. But you will have implicit faith in God. You will be
blessed with a cordially disposed spouse.

Integral Fadic Number = 77

You will not exhibit what is inside you. Because  that it is difficult to understand you. You will have economic stability. You will be an altruist helping others.But your goodness  will not be reciprocated. You will talk only after cold deliberation You will have a partner who is highly compatible.


Integral Fadic Number = 86

You will be graced by fortune only after the age  of forty. Your progress will be slow and difficult. But one they  reach a certain position they wont retrograde from that position.  You will have the habit of using intoxicating drinks. You will have affinity for art and will travel abroad.

Integral Fadic Number = 95

You are an expert in Machiavellian politics &  can be an ambassador in foreign lands.  You will have the gift of the
gab or the divine gift of articulate speech. You will have high savings .You will live according to law & social justice. You will have
Haemony or unflinching devotion to God.  You will be respected by  many. You will be selfless and devoted to service which is divine. Even though you are born in a humble family you will reach the top in the professional sphere.

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Integral Fadic Number = 104

You will enjoy all the pleasures of life. Not  only in your land of domicile but in other lands also you will become successful. You will have economic stability. You will not  complete all the activities you indulge in. You will be sincere to  your wife and children But you will not show that outside. In marital life you may have some adversity but all that will be overcome as time progresses.
Integral Fadic Number = 15

You will be very clever. You will have a high ranking job and influence. You have to be very careful in each and  every activity. You scorn the ancient way of thinking and admire the  modern. You will revolutionise  every activity you indulge in. You  are likely to be caught in love affairs.

Integral Fadic Number = 24
You will have a comfortable life and fairly  medium wealth. You will be successful in whatever activity you  indulge in.You will have the cleverness to plan and execute things  and emerge successful. You help others with an eye on business.  You  excel in the business field.
Integral Fadic Number = 33

You have mental strength & innocence. You  will have friendship with equivalent people. You will not be interested in amassing largesse. You will not be disheartened by lack  of prosperity. You believe in the principle "Less luggage more  comfort makes travel a pleasure". You love to travel & enjoy life.  You will go abroad and be successful there. Healthy hearty & hale  you will lead a controlled life. You will have a contented domestic life.
Integral Fadic Number = 42

You will have powerful friends. You will have  fame & reputation. You will lead a selfcentred life. Even though
you have selfpride you will fall for flattery. You will have adequate wealth & all the comforts of life. You will have high degrees
and high ranking job. You will live a comfortable life with  accumulated wealth, according to Numerology Readings. .
Integral Fadic Number = 51

You will have many love affairs as you are an  attractive handsome figure. You will be very liberal. You will be  powerful both mentally and physically. You will be vindictive &  prone to sudden anger. One has to be very careful while handling  people like you.You will reward those who respect and admire you. You will manage the family as if you are doing your duty.

Integral Fadic Number = 60
You love to lead a worldly life free from worries.  A free life is what you crave for. You will excel in Music & art.
Even if you do not desire wealth will come to you. You will be the subject of other's love.

Integral Fadic Number = 69

You will be an emotional being. You will have  success in love. You will love anyone with attractive looks. As you  are very attractive you can conquer the opposite sex easily. Laziness & extravagance should be curbed. You want to enjoy life with  whatever you earn. You do not bother about savings. Normally you  will be a trader. Some of these people will work for Govt. If  their partners save something that will be their only savings. Others' help you. But their help will not be reciprocated.

Integral Fadic Number = 78

You will be indulging in spiritual affairs. You  may the Military or Govt. You will have high reputation in that sphere. Some of these people will be self-employed.
This is a very fortunate number. You will be blessed by Lakshmi the Goddess of Fortune. You will not spend a single penny unnnecessarily.At the same you will not be a miser. You will  help anybody in distress. Your acts & words will be pure. You will
not yearn that which is undeserving. In the family there will be peace & satisfaction.

Integral Fadic Number = 87

You take everything as divinely ordained. You will  have a high sense of discipline & live accordingly. You will have
veracity & purity.Yours will be a controlled life. Even if you are born in an ordinary family you will have wealth & fame.

Integral Fadic Number = 96

You will have high fortitude and equal love for  all beings. You will be known as an academician. You will be blessed
by both Wisdom & Wealth. You will have high degree of adaptability.  You will have mental strength & presence of mind to overcome the  moulding buffets of Fate. You do not cry over split milk. You will marry people with equivalent educational qualification.

Integral Fadic Number = 105

You will be full of universal love and will be ready to serve humanity. Power & pelf will not tempt them. You will  be blessed by a job which interact with the public. Your reputation   will increase due to meritorious deeds done by you.  Courage & virility will be exhibited by you. Fame & wealth will be yours. You will  live like a  true renunciant.  Some of these people will be yogis who
sacrifice everything for humanity, as per Numerology Forecast. 


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