The Indigenous & Holistic Medicine of India 


Like all other Indian Sciences, Ayur Veda was revealed to Rishies in higher states  of  Consciousness. Giving more priority to Intuition rather than antinomic & dialectical Reason, they evolved a system of medicine, which is curative & restorative.


Kari Veppila, Curry Leaves, Murraya koenigi   


Curry leaves are used extensively in India. They are anti diarrheal and good for the digestive system.  Lowers Cholesterol. It is a hair tonic also.  Used in scalp restoration and hair damaged. Reduces hair loss. Acts against hair greying.  Functions as a hair mask.

You can make Curry Leaves Tea, Your hair will shine and grow. It will solve your digestion problems.


Malli, Cilantro  

Balances blood sugar levels. Heart health is fostered. Food poisoning can be prevented. It can protect your brain. With Vit A, it can support your Vision. Removes heavy metals.

It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals & antioxidants.


Pudina, Peppermint  



Rich in Nutrients, Mint is a good source of Vit A.  Contains antioxidants, which protects your body against oxidative stress. Anti IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Anti indigestion and improves brain function.Improves cough and cold conditions. Bad breath is controlled by Mint. Peppermint   Tea  can be effective.


Thottavadi, Mimosa Pudica   



Used in the treatment of minor cuts and wounds. Cures hemorrhoids. Used in the treatment of Arthritis, diarrhea, jaundice  and Diabetes. Anti helmintic, anti-stomach ache & toothache. Also in Hydrocele and glandular swelling. In insomnia, snake bites & insect bites. Anti Hair loss and rectifies premature ejaculation. In the treatment of fractures & Asthma.


Muringa, Moringa Oleifera     


Antibacterial and antimicrobial. Fights oxidative stress. a wound healing enhancer, protects liver & enhancer of brain health. Protects heart and reducer of diabetes.  Anti-inflammatory. 

Muringa Leaves Curry is a favorite Curry in Kerala.  Also Muringa Leaves Stir Fry.


Neela Amari, Indigofera Tinctoria  



A panacea for all toxicities. Used extensively in Hair Care. Corrects & restores the digestive system.

Achinga Payar, Long Beans , Vighna unguiculata. 


Contains soluble and insoluble fibers, giving sufficient dietary fiber to the diet. It is universally accepted that dietary fiber protects the colon. D F also reduces LDL Cholesterol levels.


Pattani Peas, Green Peas, Pisum Sativum  


They contain not only Vitamins & minerals, but also phytonutrients, whicih promote eye health.  Protects the stomach from cancer.  Have anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Have low glycemic index and protein & fiber content.


Muthanga, Knot Grass, Cyperus Rotundus  


An immuno modulator. Anti pyretic and an improver of lactation. Anti diarrheal, anti dyspepsia. Anti herpes also.


Kodam Puli, Garacinia Cambogia 


Contains HCA, Hydroxy Citric Acid, which is used to make medicine. Good for weight loss.

As it is used extensively  in Kerala Cuisine, both in veg and non veg dishes, she is called Kerala's Secret Spice. Fish Curry or Tomato Curry made with this Master Spice is very tasty indeed. Available at Kerala Restaurants.