The Controversial Vimanas Theory

To those who pooh pooh the Vimanas Theory, we ask this question How come this concept of Vimanas existed in the mind of the Poet centuries ago ?

To answer this question , we have go to into the definitions of Science & Poetry.

Science is defined as the systematized knowledge of Nature & Poetry as the fullness of generation of Beauty. Both are parallel systems.

Who is a Poet ?

The Poet is he who perceives the Celestial Diameter, Kavihi Kranta Darshee . There is no Philosopher who is not a Poet, na nrishee Kavih. Poetry can survive the Cosmological Cycles, Kavyam Kalpantharasthayee, being Eternal Knowledge.

Why Poets are called eternal winners ?


They alone conquer
The Bliss attained Poets
As their Fame bodies knoweth not
Disease or Death ineluctable !

What did the Romans call poets ?

They called them vates, diviners or prophets. Those noble people conferred such a Celestial title on poets.

The best definition of Poetry

Poetry is divine. It is the center & circumference of all Knowledge and it comprehends all Science.

That is it. It comprehends all Science.


. And the greatest Poet is He, 

Thrikala Vakyam Kavee !



Science knows itself, not Poetry

Poetry knows itself & Science.



Another feature of Indian Civilization - 

Following the Luminaries


Follow the Sun !

If we follow the Sun, we will come to know about the seasons, as the Causer of all seasons is Sol, Ritukartha Prabhakarah !

For example, the longitude of the Sun is 288 degrees today, 02022020, which means he is in Makara. He enters 300th degree on the 15th, the Kumbha Solstice. Kumbha will usher in Ushna Kala, the Hot Season !

Hot months, Kumbha & Meena

In this era of Global Warming, we have to be wary of these hot months.



Prakriti, being infinite in Her Wisdom, gives us juicy fruits like Water Melon, Cucumber, Mangoes, Oranges, Sweet Lemon, Grapefruit et al to combat the blistering heat, during the Hot Season. Sambharam, Spiced buttermilk and Lassi, Curd can be taken in.

It is better not to go out during noon, lest there be sunstroke.