Redeeming features of Indian Civilization – Holism
The Whole, Samashti, is given top priority than the parts and the Indian approach is holistic, whether it be in the field of Medicine or in Science & Philosophy.

We are puny parts of the Great Whole, the Absolute, the Poornam. Everything contains an inward determination of the parts by the function & purpose of the Whole. Holistic Philosophy, Yoga & Holistic Medicine, Ayurveda, dominate India.

The Reality of Two Fulnesses

The Whole, the Absolute, the Macrocosm is that which exists in se. It is the Fulness of Fulness, poornam idam, Absolute Being, and its manifestation is the Fulness of Emptiness, Relative Being, Maya. Poornamada. India instructs man to consecrate to the Absolute, the Divine.
When the infinite totality of emptiness is subtracted from the infinite totality of fullness, what remains is the infinite totality of fullness ( as Infinity – Infinity = Infinity in Maths ), poornasya poornamadaya poornamevava sishyate.
Holism instructs man to identify with the Whole, the Macrocosm and free ourselves from the shackles of the Ego.
The Absolute, the Perfect, the Whole
Our mask of imperfection has assumed
Has made this tenement of flesh His own
He, in His human measure has cast
To His Divine Level we might rise !

Another Defining Feature - Liberalism

You can follow any System of Philosophy.

There are many systems and you can follow any. Monism, Advaita, Qualified Monism, Vishishtadvaita, Dualism Dvaita, Agnosticism, Ajneyavada, Atheism, Nir Eeswara vada et al. There is none to excommunicate you.

You can follow any Deity

There are many Deities and you can follow any. Ekam Sat, Only the One Exists, the Pure Existent and Sages call it by many names, vipra bahuda vadanti. So there is no compulsion on you to follow any single Redeemer.

You can follow any Guru

There are many Gurus and you can follow any. A bona fide Guru can take you to Self Actualisation. Out of the Four, Mother, Father, Guru & the Lord, Guru is the greatest, Tasmat Sastrasya Siddhanto Brahma daye Guru para. If the Lord gets angry, the Guru will save you, but if the Guru gets angry, who will save you ? ( Sivau rushte Gurur sratha Gurau rushte na Sankara ).

You can bring in your own theories

There are many theories and you can follow any.

You can innovate and modify theories. You can repostulate modified theories. You can redefine concepts.

Aurobindo’s Mind – Overmind –Supermind Axis was based on the Upanishadic Equation “ Energism of Consciousness is Brahman “, Prajnanam Brahma. So was Mahesh Yogi’s postulation of the Science of Creative Intelligence and the Transcendental Meditation technique.