Of the Immortality of Self Divine

The Eternian knows he is Being, Infinite Sphere,
Self, Center everywhere, Circumference nowhere.
Him the fire cannot burn, Him the water cannot wet,
Him the sword cannot pierce nor wind dry.

What can all these trials and tribulations do,
To the Birthless, Everlasting One,
Whom fire cannot burn nor wind dry?
This Eternal Self knoweth no destruction.



This be the Law of Conservation of  Soul,

Soul is conserved, never destroyed.

Laws of Conservation of Energy, Matter and Soul,

Are manfestations of the Law of Conservation of Being !


Being is  proof of Itself,

Being That Which is

Universal Energy total,

Is an absolute constant !

More luminous than all luminaries,
Self shines beyond Nescience.
It is the Substratum .the Base of All,,
Being Knowledge, Knower and Known.

Him the Sun cannot express, nor the Moon,
Nor the Stars, Lightning cannot express Him,
Nor fire, as through Him they shine,
And Self is His great transparent mirror !

The body-mind-intellect complex, the Ego,
Sows the wind and reaps the whirlwind,
Known as the Law of Karma,
While the Self remains uninvolved.

This is the Glorious Doctrine,
Of the Self"s Non-responsibility
He is non responsible,
For actions of the Ego !