Vrischika 28, Dec 14, is Narayaneeyam Deay.

All Glory is Thine !

Even though Shaw extolled sex as divine,
Which bringeth a celestial flood of emotion,
And exaltation of existence,
She too has her demerits.

King Purooravas, noble King, 
Born in the tribe of Ila, Lunar Dynasty,
Fell in love with celestial nymph,Urvashi,
And indulged in pleasures sensory. 

Urvashi told him about women,
That they are ruthless and cruel
And will not hesitate to assassinate
Own husband or brother.

One day, Conscience became dominant
Conscience chided him
" Thou art wasting precious time
Over pleasures transitory.

Aim of Life is to actualise Self
Beware of the loss of Ayus".
Lustis the First Deadly Sin
Whi ch binds man to world sublunar !

Bhogangal ellam kshana prabha chanchalam
Vegena nashtamam ayussumorka nee.

Love for sensual pleasures
Bind thee to the mundane !
Hard Sacrifice alone can give key
To the Heaven of Self Actualisation 

Tat Tyagamakunnathu 
Moksham ennothunnu 

Due to Thy Influence
He became blase, of pleasures sensory.
That made him come to Thy Bhakti Yoga
And actualise Thee ! 

Aila Pragurvaseem pratyati 
vivasamana seva maanchitastvam
Gadam Nirvdhya Bhooyo Yuvati 
Sukham idam Kshurameveti gayan 
Thval Bhaktim prapya poorna sukhataramachara
Thvdhva dhudhooya sangam
Bhaktotamsam kriya mam Pavanapurapathe
Pahimam Sarva Rogaal

Maya Tatamidam sarvam
Jagat Avyakta Moorthina
By Me is this vast Universe pervaded,
By Me, the Unmanifest !

says the Lord in the Holy Geetha.

Therefore, our primary duty is to 
Love All & Serve All.

Ekkanda Characharngale 
okkayum Snehikkka allo
Uthama Bhagavata 
Dharmam ennarika Nee !