Hymn of Great Mother, the Devi Sooktam of Rig Veda 

This is the translation of Devi Sooktam of the Rig Veda, written by the Rithvika, Vaak. 


I am the Energy Universal
Which sustaineth all
Energy of the Sun blazing
Fire and deity of the waters
I am the valor of Indra
The soothing moonlight
I uphold the cosmos 
Through Vibration !

I provide wealth

To the Yajna perfomer
Who pours Soma Rasa
And make the celestials
Receive the Havis !

Queen of the Universe am I

Giver of wealth
To those who worship Me !



Omniscient am I

And the Numero Uno
Amongst deities
Entering many bodies as Self
Assuming forms manifold
With varying manifestations
Knowing Me in My nature
The celestials have incorporated Me !
Through My Power
Man lives and breathes
Death ensues to them
Who understands Me not !
Hear this Hymn of mine
With concentration
For this is the doctrine
Redeeming and liberating !
All these are Me
All My various manifestations !
The earthlings and celestials
Revere and worship Me !
Those who receive My Grace
Become Sages divine !
I make them very intelligent
Great, with self control !
The bow of Rudra is bent
By Me to destroy Evil
I fight elements bad
For the people only !
I pervade and persist
Everywhere in cosmos !
I created the Heavens
Above the Earth
As a protection to all
Fatherly to all
My creativity is manifest
In the waters and Ocean !
I am immanent in all worlds
Cosmic, I touch the sky !
During creation of worlds
I function like Air, all pervading !
Taller than the sky, greater than Earth
Such is My prowess, valor and greatness !


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