On war fears the market went against fundamentals. And the
Sensex went upto 61.8 K and now it is at 58 K. One thing is
clear, during war, market may touch Nadir. How much the Nadir
will be is dependent on many factors !

Let us analyse the horoscopes of nations that may be involved
 in war ! 

Horoscope of Russia


There is a nation unpredictable,
An unknown and unknowable power,
Going against whom two mighty generals,
Perished, both Napolean and Hitler !

The only mistake they made,
Was to attack Russia,
They tried to conquer,
A nation unconquerable.

Now in the present SCS crisis,
On whose side is she ?
She has a military pact with India,
But by belief is Socialist !

Her warships protect Vietnam,
From Chinese expansionism,
She seems to be with the Alliance Democratic,
But she can go to the other side.

In the Sino Indian war of 1962,
She sided with China.
"India and Russia are friends,
But China and Russia are brothers ( red )."

She was born with Gemini Rising,
With Jupiter and Moon in Leo,
This combo has given her genius,
In the armaments industry.
The Lunar Ascending Sign is Cancer,
Which is the same as India's Lunar Sign,
Explains why these two greats are inextricably entwined,
Connected by some occult, vibratory chemistry.

She armed India in 1971,
Protecting her through out the war,
Her nuke submarines defended India,
When Bangladesh was born !

She vetoed China's every move,
Justifying India's stand !
Under her inspiration Indiraji became Durga,
And dismembered Pakistan !
So amongst five nations analysed,
Russia and India are having better time,
Judged by Saturnine Transit,
Reckoned from Moon Sign !

Our English Professor told us,
Be aggressive and militant
As this world is no place for the weak,
As it is the survival of the strongest !
This conforms to the Darwinian view,
That Nature selects the fittest !
Strength is Life, weakness is death,
Averred the great Vivekananda.

This survival of the fittest,
Is what Darwin called Natural Selection,
Or preservation of favoured races,
In the struggle for Life !
The goat is normally sacrificed,
Not the elephant or the Lion,
Creative Nature is the weak's destroyer,
As It favors the fittest !
Asvam naiva, Gajam naiva,
Vyaghram naiva cha naiva cha
Ajam putram balim deti
Devo Durbala Ghataka !
It is true that New Russia is not Old Russia,
Her GDP is merely 1.9 trillion, is 11th,
And the Elephant has transformed itself,
Into a militant, aggressive Elephant !
The Bear is known for raw power and cunning,
And so the Bear became the symbol of Russia.
She can be  a formidable Adversary
Of any nation who antagonise her !
Why did Russia prove to be,
The Nemesis of Napoelean and Hitler ?
It is said that Time Eternal or Fate,
Destroys men giving wrong suggestions !
Time Personified is not a tyrant,
Who beheads wrong doers,
By giving wrong thoughts and wrong decisions,
It destroys men !
Na Kalo Dandamudgamya
Shiraschitasya Kasyachit
Kalasya phalamethavat
Vipareethartha Darsanam
The Nation with maximum weapons nuclear,
And the numero uno missile power,
She recently sent missile which destroyed spacecraft,
To the consternation of the world !


The Image of the Military General has been thrust upon her,
By the powerful Jupiter in Leo.
Simhe syath balanayaka suraguram
Vuktham cha yath Chandrabhe !
Dasa of the Lord of Night, Moon, is on,
The Lord of Second in Third House,
So this is not a good time for her,
To be the game changer in WW3.