A stands for Ayur Nasyati Pasyatam Pratidinam,
As the loss of Ayus is felt every day.
Youth makes a strategic retreat,
As Time is the All Devourer !
Ayur Nasyati Pasyatam Pratidinam,
Yanti Kshayam Youvanam,
Pratyayanti Punarna DIvasa,
Kalo Jagat Bhakshaka !
Unfortunately, Wealth is inconstant,
Lakshmi is considered inconstant.
She generally blesses fools.
As per the quote " Fortune favors fools " .
Lakshmi thoya tharanga bhanga chapala,
Vidyutchalam Jeevitham,
Tasmanam  Saranagata Sarana va
Tvam Raksha Rakshadhuna.
Relativistic Life is unstable,
There is no touch of the Absolute !
Only the touch of all Becomings,
Can liberate Man from self incurred tutelage,
Redeem us from this quagmire,
Of incessant change.
Man is ever dissatisfied,
Save us from this Vaitharani !
What is Wisdom exactly?
Despite many definitions great,
Wisdom remains unknown,
And is still far away!
Love and Wisdom are positive aspects,
Of the Law Divine ! 
Wisdom and Understanding , averr the wise,
Are hidden from all mortal eyes !
What is Wisdom, after all,
Kantian Organised Life?
Or, the completion of Science,
In the synthesis of Wisdom?
Platonic Science of Immutable Being?
Hegelian Science of the Absolute?
Vedantic Science of Being as Being?
Or the Yogic Science of Union ? 
The Highest Wisdom is Love,
As Love supervenes all else !
So it is time to modify Bhartri Hari's poem,
Vidya Nama Narasya Roopam Adhikam,
Vidya Nama Narasya Roopam Adhikam,
Prachhanna Guptam Dhanam,
Vidya Bhogakaree Yasassukhakaree,
Vidya Guroonam Guru
Vidya Bandhu jane videsa gamane,
Vidya param Devata,
Vidya Rajasu Poojyate na hi Dhanam,
Vidya Viheena Pasu.
The greatest quality in Man,
Wisdom is veiled Wealth !
Wisdom alone is conducive to Fame,
And She is the Master of Masters !
She is the true relative,
When we are afar
The greatest Celestial Deity,
She is real Wealth, adored by all !
Wisdom is replaced by Love,
As Love is greater !
And this sloka will sound nice,
When Mystery of Love is experienced !
Premam Nama Narasya Roopam Adhikam,
Prachhanna Guptam Dhanam,
Premam Bhogakaree Yasassukhakaree,
Premam Guroonam Guru
Premam Bandhu jane videsa gamane,
Premam param Devata,
Premam Rajasu Poojyate na hi Dhanam,
Prema Viheena Pasu.
Love is actual Wealth,
Being the most positive quality,
She alone can immortalise,
Love is the Guru of all Gurus !
Friend, Philosoper and Guide,
Heavenly Deity She is !
No other wealth than Her,
Without Her, Man is an animal !
( P G   Wodehouse jocularly remarked,
That  Love is a gigantic swindle
As all talk about it,
But none practises it ! )
It is this divine passion,
Which divinised many !
Bhagavan Aurobindo & Ramana,
Sai, Jesus, Prophet et al !