Guruvayur4u Hypothesis - 

Kundalini Music can arouse the Subtle Fire

Kundalini Music is the perfect blend,
Of two Sastras, Sangeetha and Tantra.
It can arouse the Serpent Power,
And take one to Enlightenment !

Geetha Sastra is the Science of Lyrics,
Vadya Sastra is Science of Music Instrumental.
Nritta Sastra is the Science of Dance
And all these three constitute Sangeetha !

Kundalini is the Serpentine Power,
Coiled in all mortals.
It is the micro Representative
Of the macro Universal Shakti.

( Kundalitha Shakti iti Kundalini ).

Aim of both Sastras, Yoga and Tantra, are same
It is the Unification of Knowledge, Known and Knower.
Relative Ego merges with Absolute Self in Kaivalya,
And this is considered as the Summum Bonum of Life.

( Jnathru Jnana Jneya Abheda
Bhavanam Sree Chakra Poojanam
This is the highest occult rite
And the objective of Sree Chakra worship ).

Aurobindo averred "It is only
When we approach the Supreme

In His double but inseparable
Aspect, then Truth becomes manifest.

He is both inseparable and double,
As Existence, Sat and Consciousness,Chit,
As Sastras, Vedanta and Tantra,
As both Stasis and Dynamis.

Existence is highlighted in Vedanta
And consciousness   in Tantra
Only  the integration of Sastras both,
Can pave the way for Integral Knowledge.

Eternians have been reviled,
For indulging in Snake worship.
External snake they worship not,
But the inner, serpentine power,

Cause of such undeserved criticism,
Is undoubtedly Ignorance !
They know not the Esoteric,
And fail in Literature and Art.

Sir John Woodroffe studied Tantra deeply,
His Meditations, Electro Magnetic and Sri Yantra,
Effectuated Self Actualisation. A Grand Success,
His life was his message !

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