Of the Global Religious Crisis

When the Darwin Controversy erupted, the whole world was sinking into
Atheism, thinking that Science means the denial of God. It was Bernard Shaw
who blocked that trend, saying " You are emptying the baby out with the

It can be proved that modern sciences derive from ancient sciences. For
instance, if you ask a PC, what day is today.it will return 1, 1 being the no of
Sunday, today. Or if you ask ?cDOW, it will return Sunday!   So this
Sequential Order of Weekdays is inbuilt in Computers.

This Sequential Order of Weekdays deriveth from the Sequential Order of
Planetary Hours.

K A L A  H O R A S or Planetary Hours

The names of the Week Days are derived from where ?
Why Monday is after Sunday?
Why Tuesday is after Monday ?

The answer is given by Astrology as Planetary Hours or Kala Horas. If you
have any other explanation - from Astronomy or any other sciences - pls let
us know.

Question - How did Monday come after Sunday in the Calendar ?

Answer - To answer this question, we have to go to the concept of Planetary
Hours or Kala Horas

The Planetary Hours are counted from Sunrise and the owner of the Planetary
Hour is the Lord of the Weekday. Today is Sunday and one hour from Sunrise
is presided by the lord of Sunday, the Sun.

The sequential order of Planetary Hours is as follows.


( Arka Shukra Budhas Chandra Manda Jeeva Dharasutha, Kramena Kala
Horesa.... )

So if the first Planetary Hour on Sunday is presided by the Sun, the
nexthour is presided by Venus, next by Mercury and so on. This goes on for
21 hours and the 22nd Planetary Hour is presided by Sun, the 23rd by Venus,
the24th by Mercury and the 25th, the first Planetary Hour next day, is
presided by the Moon and hence his day, Monday, became the next week day in
the Calendar.

Here is a table depicting the Weekday Numbers and Planetary Hour Numbers

WeekNo Planet                         PHNo
1             SUN                             1
2             MOON                         4
3             MARS                          7
4             MERCURY                  3
5             JUPITER                      6
6             VENUS                       2
7            SATURN                      5

The Law of Conservation of Being

Similarly, it can also be proved that the Law of Conservation of Energy is
derived from the Law of Conservation of Being.

The Total Universal Energy is Conserved - that is, it knoweth no creation or
destruction. Matter, Energy et al are different aspects of Being and these are
manifestations of the basic, underlying, indestructble, Absolute Being,
Avinasi tu tadviddhi yena sarvam idam tatam.
The Mystery of the Stars - Solar Fusion

It can also be proved that that the Transmutaton of Alchemy is a natural
process. The thermonuclear fusion reaction, happening in the Sun is
transmuaation, with 2 atoms o Hydrogn combining to form one atom of Helium with a
tremendous release of energy. 
All sciences  of the Relative derive from the Science of the Absolute, the Science of
Being, the Vedanta Sastra !
If  Physics averrs that all this is Universal Matter or Universal Energy,( as Matter
is a concentrate of    Energy ) , then the Science of Yoga is not far behind, declaring
that Consciousness is the Base, Cconsciousness is the Substratum, verily Consciousness= Being,
Prajnane pratishtitam prajna netro loka prajna pratishta Prajnanam Brahma!
If Consciousness is the Base of all that is and Consciousness is based on Love and as Truth is
defined as Love cognised, then Universal Love  is the  Base, Universal Love is the Substratum,
verily Universal Love= Being, Premasya pratishtitam  loka Prema pratishta Premam Brahma!
Bacon was right. Scientific  Depth will pull us to Providence & Deity !
As Man is imperfect by defintion. the Perfect Scientist is He !
Bhagavan Patanjali was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Yoga to mankind    
Bhagavan Sankara was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Advaita to mankind    
Bhagavan Dhanvantarii was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Ayurveda to mankind    
Bhagavan Gautama was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Nyaya to mankind    
Bhagavan Yaska was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Nirukta to mankind   
Bhagavan Kapila was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Sankhya to mankind    
All Sciences emanate fromThee,   Sarva sastra prabhavanti Tasmat !