The Gautama Hypothesis

Logic, an important science

The Science of Logic, Nyaya Sastra,
Was first propounded by Bhagavan Gautama.
Logic= regulative principles of Thought
And is more or less Dialectics !

Nyaya illumines all sciences,
And is the instrument of all actions,
Is the Sanctuary for all Ethics,
Analysed completely for purpose of Knowledge.

Pradeepa Sarva Vidyanam
Upadhi Sarva Karmanam
Ashraya Sarva Dharmanam
Vidyoddheshe Pareekshitah

One of the Six Main Sciences,
Nyaya was specially formulated,
To affirm concepts Vedic,
And to refute concepts non-Vedic.

No books are meant by Vedas,
Vedas mean that which was heard,
{ Srooyathe iti Sruthi },
That mass of Infinite Knowledge
Of Infinite, Absolute Being,

Undecipherable to uninitiated,
Descended from Heaven,
{ Descendit e Caelo },
Because they were never written,
But cognised in higher states.

The Three types of Logic,
Inductive, Deductive and Dialectical
Are contained in Nyaya Sastra,
The Queen of all Sciences !