Garland of Absolute Knowledge, Brahma Jnanavali Mala  by  Sankara

A magnificent gem from the Self Actualised Master, which can be meditated upon by aspirants of  Self Actualisation.
This Apostle of Oneness was responsible for reviving the Science of the Absolute, Brahma Jnana and the Wisdom of the Relative. Exponents of the Eternal Law do that always, as per the principle, Sambhavami Yuge Yuge.
Sankara revealed his humility by stating that he knew all Sciences except the Science of Astrology, Jyoti Sastra Jnanam vina Sarvajnosmi.

''Brahma Satyam Jagath Mithya
 Jivo Brahmaiva Naparah''
The Absolute is absolutely real,
Relative Universe only relatively so.
Only Becoming it is, of Being,
Individual Self is Self Absolute
And not different from Him !
Why did Buddhism exit from India ? Was Sankara & his followers responsible ?
Absolutism vs Nihilism, Poornavada vs Shoonyavada
Absolutists are those who argue for the                         Absolute, the Whole, the Poornam, the Brahman. Brahman is derived from Brihat, the Massive, the Large, the Big term for the Macrocosm. The Indian terms for the Microcosm & Macrocosm are Anu & Brihat, Pindanda & Brahmanda, Vyashti & Samashti.
Nihilsts argue for the Nihil or Shoonyam, the Void, the Nothingness ,  Non Being et  al.
Creation ex Nihilo Theories are  Fallacies.
Both Creationism & the Big Bang Theory cannot answer the question How can everything come out of Nothing ? Equally fallacious is the Nihlistic  argument that  Shoonya, Nihil is the Base of all.
Arguers of the Absolute, Poornavadis, argue that the Fulness of Emptiness, proceeds from the Fulness of Fulness, and when the infinite totality of Emptiness is subtracted from the infinite totality of Fulness what remains is the infinite totality of Fulness, as infinity infinity = infinity, poornasya poornamadaya poornamevavasishyate.

The Absolute, by definition
Is an immutably homogenous Infinite So we have an equation here,
Absolute =        Infinite
So, Absolute - Absolute = Absolute
So, Infinity  Infinity = Infinity
Absolute Brahman has been defined
As Truth- Knowledge-Infinity,
Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma !

Lack of Bhakti Yoga.
The Absolute with Attributes, Saguna Brahman, and the Attributeless Absolute, Nirguna Brahman,are two coexistent aspects of the same Eternal. One aspect cannot be emphasised at the expense of the other. Buddhism took this route,opting for Nihilism. Rejecting the Saguna Brahman and Bhakti Yoga may be all right, but ended in worshiping the statues of the Buddha and cries of Buddham Saranam Gachami, which is nothing but Bhakti Yoga  !
Vivekananda averred that the main cause for the exit of Buddhism from India was that the Master and his followers went against the eternal rocks of the Vedas !