The Functionalities of Planets & Their Roles In Destiny. 

Natural Benefics are Jupiter Venus and Moon and Natural 
Malefics are Mars Saturn Rahu et al. 

FUNCTIONAL Benefics are owners of trines and quadrants and Functional 
Malefics are the Trika lords of 6 8 and 12. 

The most dangerous is Kharesa -lord of the 22nd decanate. He is a 
killer. Also the Ascending Decanate Lord. 

Most positive planet is Bhagyaprada. Also Lagnesa. 

The native's form will resemble the form of the Ascending Navamsa Lord-
Lagna Navamsapa tulya tanu syath. 

Varesa offsets the affliction of Gulika. 

Badhakesa is negative. We will define the House of Badha. 

For Quadrants - 11th House 
For 2 5 8 11 - Ninth House 
For 3 6 9 12 - Seventh House 
Are afflicted / Badha Houses 

Charodaye Labha Grihe tu Badha 
Sthithe pi Rasau Navame Vichintya 
Tadobhaye Kama Grihe trayanam 
Kendrasthitairithyapare vadanti 

The help of Kala Horesa is needed for any enterprise.

IF Chandramsesa is stronger - Kala Chakra Dasa to be applied. 

The Functionalities of Planets & Their Roles in Destiny in the Sample Horoscope 

Ascending D2 Lord Lagna Horesa  SUN
Ascending D12 Lord Lagna Dwadasesa MER 
Ascending D30 Lord Lagna Trimsamsesa MAR
Ascending D7 Lord  LagnaSaptamsesa MOO 
Ascending Sign  Lagna  CAN 
 Lunar Ascendant Chandra Lagna  CAN 
Lord of Birth Star Nakshatresa  MER 
Ascending Star Lord Lagna Nakshatresa  MER 
Lunar Ascendant lord Chandra Lagnesa  MOO 
Lunar Decanate Lord Chandra Drekkanesa  MAR
Lord of Lunar D9 Chandra Navamsesa   JUP
Ascending Decanate Lord Lagna Drekkanesa  JUP 
Ascending D9 Lord  Lagna Navamsesa   JUP
Lord of 22nd Decanate Lagna Kharesa  VEN
 Lord of Lunar 22nd Decanate Chandra Kharesa  MER
Lord of 64th Star Quarter Chatu Shashti Padesa   RAH
Lord of 88th Star Quarter Ashtaseethih Padesa  SUN 
Lord of 108th Star Quarter Ashtothara Sata Pade


Lord of Weekday  Varesa   JUP
Dispositor of Gulika   Mandeesa  SUN
Afflicted Lord  Badhakesa   VEN
Temporal Horary Lord  Kala Horesa  VEN
Functional Benefic Bhagyaprada  JUP
Ascendant lord  Lagnesa Lagnesa  MOO