Forgive my mistakes !

Forgive my three mistakes, cried the Seer-Poet Vyasa,
First, I defined the Indefinable Thee !
Second, I attributed Form to the Formless Thee,
And I limited the Illimitable Thee within a Temple.

Great minds think alike and Melpathur did the same.
" In my Ignorance, I described the Indescribable !"
The Soul identifying with the body is Ignorance, Avidya,
And Soul identifying with the Self is Wisdom,Vidya.

The Constellations are Thy Teeth, Tharaganascha Radana,
They keep the same distance from one another,
Never coming closer to one another, nor moving furthur asunder,
Showing Thy mathematical precision, O Great Geometer !

From the Moon, I will learn about Brahman,
Like the Fifteen Lunations, the Becomings of the Moon,
Affecteth not the Moon,in her pristine state,
So also Thy Becomings, affect Thee as Pure Being not.

From the Sun, I will learn about Thee
Thy Representative and only visible Deity
Myriads of ponds show his many reflections,
But he remains, One and Non-Dual, like Thee !

Thou hast been defined as Time, Kala Ityalapanti,
As Above, So Below, the Terrestrial follows the Celestial !
Electrons and planets revolve in elliptical orbits,
As Thy Mathematical Symbol is the Ellipsoid Linga !

Unaware of Thee, many luxuriate in Sorrow,
All sciences intuitive, Sastras, have been revealed by Thee,
Who doth emparadise my meditative mind,
Thy Saguna Aspect is greater than Thy Nirguna !

Thou hast been defined as Sound Absolute, Sabda Brahmeti,
Study of Sastras have been defined as Sabda Brahman.
It is a great preparation for Absolute Actualisation,
The Yogi follows Thine "Let Sastras be your guide ".

Diurnal motion eternally keepeth Time,
Luminaries and planets obey Thy instructions.
Thou hast been defined as Atom, Anu iti,
And Universe expands, as per Thy Universal Will !