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This article examines the influence of the Fixed Stars, with a comprehensive table of their year 2000 position and the character of their effects.

Rob lives in the Southern Highlands of New South Waltes, on the east coast of Australia.

The Fixed Stars were so called by the ancients to distinguish them from the Planets, or Wanderers, which are heavenly bodies moving perceptibly in the sphere of the Zodiac. Fixed Stars are those which appear to be stationary, , relative to the Earth (although they do advance due to precession at a rate of less than one minute per year, so needing some seventy-two years to move one degree of arc). These do not move across the ecliptic, as do planets. Those near the ecliptic and of significant magnitude have considerable influence. Fixed stars do not lie within the zodiac; they are all beyond it in the constellations. Planets move within the zodiac.

The Elizabethan astrologer, William Lilly, identified about fifty fixed
stars in his horary delineations (these are marked in the table with an
asterisk *). The Fixed Stars have an influence when in conjunction,
opposition, square or parallel aspect with a planet, or significant point in
the horoscope. They are particularly important when in the Ascendant or
Angles at birth, or when near the Sun or Moon. They also have an effect when
directed to the Angles and can be activated by major transits.

The allowed orb for fixed stars is a matter of some dispute among
astrologers. Most modern astrologers lean to a very small orb, mainly based
on the magnitude of the star (the brighter the star, the greater the orb).
For a more detailed examination of magnitudes and other factors, check out
Anne Wright's very comprehensive site at The Fixed Stars

Traditional astrology uses a smaller number of stars and allows a larger
orb, especially for the four Royal Stars, Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and
Fomalhaut, plus Sirius and Spica. Caput Algol is also allowed a larger orb,
because it is such a powerful influence for evil.

In my own work, I have found that an orb of 1 degree is usually quite noticeable (though I'd allow up to 6 degrees for Algol and various sizeable orbs for the other major stars). I generally ignore most of the smaller stars unless there is a very significant reason not to. Experience is the best teacher. Have a look at my article on the influence of the fixed stars on the September 11 attack, American Catastrophe for some insight into the way they work. Fixed stars are also said to "cast no rays" meaning that aspects other than conjunction should not be considered. This is not necessarily the case. See my colleague Ian Thurnwald's article on the 2002 Uranus/Algol cycle .

Sun and Moon have a naturally wide orb (since they actually physically occupy more of the sky). This said, the closer the orb, the stronger the influence. If a star is angular, especially if rising or setting, its influence is the greatest. This involves the use of parans (angular relationships between planets and fixed stars in a chart). Bernadette Brady is the best modern writer on this. Brady's Book of Fixed Stars  makes a very useful and readable addition to any astrologer's library. Conjunctions of fixed stars with planets (including lunar nodes) in the natal chart are very significant, especially if rising, setting or culminating, and when stimulated by transits.


The strength and efficacy of the Fixed Stars is to be considered from their magnitude, their splendours, their natures or properties, their nearness to the Ecliptic, their place in the World, their multitude, their first oriental appearance, the purity of their place, the similitude or agreement of the body or rays of a Planet with them and their circle of position.

The Seven Segments of Cardan [ed. William Lilly, 1675]

Important Fixed Stars

Star Keywords Position Effect Character
Kerb Danger of being jilted by a lover 1 Aries 03 Neutral Mars/ Mercury
Deneb Kaitos
Laziness, self destruction, nervousness, illness, inhibitions, loss 2 Aries 35 Unfortunate Saturn
Algenib Ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, bad judgment 9 Aries 09 Unfortunate Mars/ Mercury
Alderamin Gravity, sternness, judgement, severe trials, poetry, drama 12 Aries 47 Fortunate Saturn/ Jupiter
Alpheratz Grace, popularity, independence, honours 14 Aries 18 Fortunate Venus
Baten Kaitos Isolation, depression, accidents, emigration, shipwrecks 21 Aries 48 Unfortunate Saturn
Acamar Success in public office, ecclesiastical success 23 Aries 16 Fortunate Jupiter
Alrisha Unifying influence with groups 29 Aries 23 Fortunate Mars/ Mercury
Mirach Good fortune through marriage, beauty, love talent 0 Taurus 24 Fortunate Venus
Sharatan Violence, defeat, accidents, injury, danger, honours 3 Taurus 49 Neutral Mars/ Saturn
Hamal Violence, cruelty, brutality, also the "Healer" 7 Taurus 40 Unfortunate Mars/ Saturn
Schedir Astrology, mysticism, writing 7 Taurus 48 Fortunate Saturn/ Venus
Almach Success in Venusian occupations, artistic ability, popularity 14 Taurus 15 Fortunate Venus
Menkar Disease, throat trouble, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, unjustified enmities 14 Taurus 19 Unfortunate Saturn/ Venus
Rana Love of knowledge, science, much travel, many changes, position of authority, accidents at sea, drowning 20 Taurus 52 Fortunate Saturn
part of "The River", a constellation traversing several Signs
Zaurak Melancholy, fear of death and suicidal tendencies 23 Taurus 52 Unfortunate Saturn
Caput Algol *
The Gorgon's Head
Strangulation, beheading, danger to throat and neck, murder, violence, the "Evil One" 26 Taurus 10 Very Unfortunate Saturn/ Jupiter
The Seven Sisters
Accidents, blindness, violence, homosexuality, feminine power 29 Taurus 58 Unfortunate Constellation of 7 stars
(refer Alcyone)
Alcyone *
Central star of the Pleiades
Ambition, honour and glory. Trouble with opposite sex 0 Gemini 00 Neutral Moon/ Jupiter
Hyades * Scandal, violence, disgrace, imprisonment 5 Gemini 45 Unfortunate Saturn/ Mercury
Aldebaran *
Bull's North Eye
A Royal Star. The archangel Michael, the Watcher of the East. Eloquence, high honours, integrity, popularity, courage, war mongering, agitation 9 Gemini 47 Unfortunate Mars
Cursa Currents of Fate, fluctuating emotions, irreversible changes to rhythm of life, sense of oblivion 15 Gemini 17 Fortunate Saturn
Rigel *
Orion's Foot
Technical and artistic ability, inventiveness, humour, honours, riches, happiness 16 Gemini 50 Fortunate Jupiter/ Mars
Bellatrix *
Orion's Left Shoulder
Loquaciousness, accidents, sudden dishonour 21 Gemini 28 Unfortunate Mars/ Mercury
Capella Inquisitiveness, open mindedness, powerful friends 21 Gemini 51 Fortunate Mars/ Mercury
Phact Talent in art or science 22 Gemini 16 Fortunate Venus/ Mercury/ Uranus
El Nath Luck, fortune, success, quarrels, headstrong 22 Gemini 26 Fortunate Mars
Alnilam * Brief fame, quick temper, scandal 23 Gemini 49 Fortunate Jupiter/ Saturn
Al Hecka * Honours, wealth, power, greed, aggression 24 Gemini 42 Fortunate Mars
Polaris *
The Pole Star
Sickness, trouble, loss, affliction, spiritual powers 28 Gemini 34 Unfortunate Saturn/ Venus
Betelgeuse *
Orion's Right Shoulder
Calamities, danger, violence 28 Gemini 45 Unfortunate Mars/ Mercury
Propus Over confidence, pride, shamelessness violence 3 Cancer 26 Unfortunate Saturn
Almeisan, the shining one
Acute sensitivity, creative imagination, artistic skills, writing, injuries to feet 9 Cancer 06 Fortunate Mercury/ Venus/ Jupiter
Alzirr Hunting, besieging towns, the revenge of princes, trouble, disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, affliction, danger to knees 11 Cancer 13 Unfortunate Mercury/ Venus/ Jupiter
Sirius *
the Dog Star
the Sun of the Sun
the prime Sun of our Galaxy
Ambition, pride, emotionality, fame, leadership, wealth, fires, drought, danger through impetuosity. More on Sirius  14 Cancer 05 Fortunate Jupiter/ Mars
Canopus * Voyages, piety, scandal, violence 14 Cancer 51 Unfortunate Saturn/ Jupiter
Castor * Sudden fame or loss, distinction, keen mind, violence, mischief 20 Cancer 14 Unfortunate Saturn/ Mars/ Venus
Pollux *
Caput Hercules
Contemplative speculation, audacity, astrology, ruin, disgrace, death, calamity, the "Heartless Judge" 23 Cancer 13 Unfortunate Mars/ Moon/ Uranus
Procyon * Violence, sudden success then disaster, occult, politics, dissipation 25 Cancer 47 Unfortunate Mars/ Mercury
Talitha Quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, great anger when roused 2 Leo 48 Neutral Saturn/ Mars
The Aselli
The Asses
Death by fever, fire, hanging, beheading, or violent catastrophe, ruin, disgrace, wounds, hurts to face, eye trouble, blindness, imprisonment, great changes in society Nebulous
in 1st decan
of Leo
Unfortunate Mars/ Moon
Praesaepe * Inner drive, reclusive, blindness, murder, tragedy, fires 7 Leo 12 Unfortunate Mars/ Moon
North Asellus *
Asellus Borealis
Patience, beneficence and courage, heroic and defiant leader 7 Leo 24 Fortunate Sun/ Mars
South Asellus *
Asellus Australis
Military preferment, blindness, eye trouble, shipwreck, mass murder, horrors, self-willed, uncooperative 8 Leo 35 Unfortunate Sun/ Mars
Giansar Penetrating and analytical mind, travel and many friends, craft, ingenuity, and valour, but danger of robbery and accidental poisoning 10 Leo 20 Neutral Saturn/ Mars
Acubens Astrology, writing, perseverance, domestic problems, poison, liars 13 Leo 35 Fortunate Saturn/ Mercury
The Bear
Astrology, arrogance, psychic power, destruction; aka Krathu, one of the 7 Rishis (Hindu sages) in Ursa Major; Bast Isis, the Egyptian goddess; "The Eye"; "Heaven's Pivot" 15 Leo 00 Fortunate Venus/Mercury/Mars
Merak Prudent, restrained, mistrustful, self-controlled (but angry when roused), love of command, power to achieve, good with animals 19 Leo 06 Fortunate Saturn/ Mercury/ Mars
Ras Elased Aust
Cruel, heartless, bold, bombastic, brutish, destructive, artistic appreciation. power of expression, spiritual gifts, leadership 20 Leo 42 Neutral Saturn/ Mars
"Own Worst Enemy" An unfortunate degree. No freedom to act on one's own behalf 22 Leo Unfortunate  
Alphard * Sudden death by poison or drowning. Problems with law, love affairs, drugs 27 Leo 08 Unfortunate Saturn/ Venus
Adhafera Crime, lying and stealing, suicide 27 Leo 34 Unfortunate Saturn/ Mercury
Al Jabhah * Wealth, sound judgement, cleverness, prone to violence, self-seeking, danger, loss, mutiny 27 Leo 41 Neutral Saturn/ Mercury
Regulus *
Lion's Heart
The most Royal Star. Raphael, the Healing Archangel, the Watcher of the North. Nobility, ambition, alertness, great power, status, leadership, sudden downfall, accidents, violence 29 Leo 53 Fortunate Mars/ Jupiter/ Uranus
Praecipua Generous, noble, peaceful, fearless nature, with the ability to undertake prominent and responsible positions 0 Virgo 53 Fortunate Jupiter/ Mars
Megrez Spiritual sight; creativity; violence; Atri, one of the 7 Rishis (Hindu sages), the ruling star of the Great Bear, Ursa Major 1 Virgo 04 Fortunate Mars
Thuban Prospectors of gold and silver or those who are ministers of money; burning to death in own house 7 Virgo 27 Fortunate Saturn/ Mars
The Black Horse
Suicide among women; danger in pregnancy; Angirasa, one of the 7 Rishis (Hindu sages) in Ursa Major 8 Virgo 56 Unfortunate Saturn/ Venus
Zosma Keen intellect, depression, fearful, unhappy, feels restricted, loss in childhood 11 Virgo 16 Fortunate Saturn/ Venus
Mizar Connected with fires of a catastrophic extent and mass calamities; Vasishta, one of the 7 Rishis (Hindu sages) of Ursa Major 15 Virgo 42 Unfortunate Saturn/ Venus
Denebola * Criticism, perseverance, control, lack of imagination, honours, undesirable associates, mental illness, happiness turns to despair, disease, natural disasters, catastrophes 21 Virgo 38 Neutral Saturn/ Venus
Coma Berenices * Eye problems 23 Virgo 48 Fortunate Moon/ Venus
Labrum Honours, riches, ambition, psychic, chronic illness, dishonest income 26 Virgo 38 Fortunate Mercury/ Venus
Associated with death and mourning, war, natural catastrophes; Marichi, one of the 7 Rishis (Hindu sages) of Ursa Major 26 Virgo 56 Unfortunate Moon/ Mercury/ Saturn
Markeb Voyages, educational work, broad knowledge, piety 28 Virgo 54 Fortunate Saturn/ Jupiter
Zaniah Order, congeniality, lovable nature, refinement, honour 4 Libra 31 Very Fortunate Mercury/ Venus
Vindemiatrix Falsity, folly, disgrace, stealing, widowhood, depression, witch-hunts, mysticism & the occult 9 Libra 56 Unfortunate Saturn/ Mercury
Algorab Scavenging, destructiveness, repulsiveness, malevolence, fiendishness and lying, suicide, greed, injuries 13 Libra 27 Unfortunate Mars/ Saturn
Merga Guardians, ministers of state, custodians, treasurers, force behind the scenes, hidden masters, economists, architects, designers, "The Sickle" 15 Libra 27 Fortunate Mercury/ Saturn
Seginus * Business, astrology, law, loss through friends, deceitful, shameless 17 Libra 39 Fortunate Mercury/ Saturn/ Venus
Mufrid Prosperity from work, planning, strong desires, a tendency to excess, a fondness for rural pursuits, occultism 19 Libra 20 Fortunate Mercury/ Saturn
Foramen Prosperity, leadership, ear & eye trouble, indecision, shipwreck 22 Libra 09 Fortunate Saturn/ Jupiter
Spica * Wealth, fame, honour, glamour, the "Fortunate One" 23 Libra 50 Very Fortunate Venus/ Mars
Arcturus * Inspiration, fame, honour, benefits through travel, success through work 24 Libra 14 Very Fortunate Jupiter/ Mars
Princeps * Ability to research keen, studious and profound mind, business, government, law, science, arts, lies 3 Scorpio 09 Fortunate Mercury/ Saturn
Khambalia Deep research of any kind, police investigation, espionage and esoteric subjects 6 Scorpio 57 Fortunate Mercury/ Mars
Acrux Interest in astrology and spirituality, metaphysics, sacrifice 11 Scorpio 52 Occult Jupiter
Alphecca * Honour, dignity, literate, brilliant, poetic, scandals, betrayal in love, sorrow through children 12 Scorpio 16 Fortunate Venus/ Mercury
Menken Wisdom, astronomy, divination, medicine, botany and music 12 Scorpio 18 Fortunate Venus/ Mercury
South Scale *
Zuben Algenubi
Loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, venereal disease, poisoning, drowning, anguish, revenge, criminality 15 Scorpio 04 Unfortunate Saturn/ Mars
the "Accursed Degree"
A malefic degree, tragedy, misfortune, the "Accursed Degree". This degree does not precess. 19 Scorpio Unfortunate Mars/ Saturn
North Scale *
Zuben Alschemali
Honours, wealth, distinction, brilliant mind, success in sports, politics, war, religion, writing, tragedy, violence, melancholy 19 Scorpio 23 Fortunate Jupiter/ Mercury/ Mars
Alpha Serpentis *
Success followed by fall, suicide, insanity, accidents, success in war, politics, writing, problems in love, forgery, shipwreck, loss, earthquake 22 Scorpio 04 Unfortunate Saturn/ Mars
Agena Good health, high morals, disillusion through love, success with the masses 23 Scorpio 48 Fortunate Venus/ Jupiter
Bungula Occult and philosophical learning, self analysis, honours, stubborn, cruel 29 Scorpio 36 Fortunate Venus/ Jupiter
Kornephoros Fixity of purpose, strength of character, ardent nature and dangerous passions 1 Sagittarius 05 Neutral Mercury
Yed Prior * Success in astrology & 9th house matters, shrewd 2 Sagittarius 18 Fortunate Saturn/ Venus
Marfik Passionate, blindly good-hearted, easily seduced, healer with herbs 5 Sagittarius 36 Neutral Saturn/ Venus
Antares *
Heart of the Scorpion
A Royal Star. The Archangel Oriel, the Watcher of the West. Spirit of adventure, obstinacy, injuries to eyes, honours, sudden loss, stubborn, suspicious, violent, several marriages 9 Sagittarius 46 Fortunate Mars/Jupiter/ Mercury
Rastaban * Impulsive, honourable, good for astrology, government, writing, sports, finance, the arts, accidents, wounds, blindness, criminality 11 Sagittarius 58 Unfortunate Saturn/ Mars/ Jupiter
Sabik Wastefulness and lost energy, perverted moral, success in evil deeds 17 Sagittarius 58 Unfortunate Saturn/ Venus
Atria Just, truthful, righteous and benevolent, interest in architecture and freemasonry 20 Sagittarius 54 Very Fortunate Mercury/ Jupiter
Ras Alhague Trouble with women, drugs, poisoning, hallucination, medicines, infections, mystical healing 22 Sagittarius 27 Fortunate Saturn/Venus
Scorpion's Sting (with Shaula)
Danger, desperation, immorality and malevolence, connected with acid poisons, accidents, catastrophes, operations 24 Sagittarius 01 Unfortunate Mercury/ Mars
Mulam: the Root
danger, desperation, immorality and malevolence, connected with acid poisons, aids victory in sieges, destruction of seafarers & captives, exorcism, mesmerism, spiritual pressure towards enlightenment 24 Sagittarius 35 Unfortunate Mercury/ Mars
Galactic Centre A vast Black Hole at the centre of our galaxy, discovered 1932; source of energy, motivation, aspiration; alien consciousness; crisis of faith; travel; education; philosophy; spiritual urges; single-minded dedication 26 Sagittarius 52 Fortunate Jupiter
Etamin Liking solitude, good concentration, dishonour, downfall and loss of prestige, esoteric and philosophical studies 27 Sagittarius 58 Neutral Mars/ Moon
Spiculum Eye trouble, blindness, depression, hopelessly doomed, morbid religious outlook, no concern for human life 1 Capricorn 04 Unfortunate Mars/ Moon
Alnasl Eye trouble, blindness (or bad eyesight) 1 Capricorn 16 Unfortunate Mars/ Moon
Polis Martial desires, high ambitions, domination, keen perception, success 3 Capricorn 13 Very Fortunate Jupiter/ Mars
Kaus Borealis Promoters of idealistic and humane ideas, promoters of mental stimuli, enterprise and a sense of justice 6 Capricorn 19 Fortunate Mercury/ Mars
Facies Blindness, violent death, leadership, war, coldness, detached, perfectionist, earthquakes 8 Capricorn 16 Unfortunate Sun/ Mars
Vega * Luck in politics, artistic talent, fleeting fame, double dealing, generosity, practicality 15 Capricorn 19 Fortunate Venus/ Mercury
Sheliak Artistic talent, sexual adventures, disgrace, gaudiness, independent thought, trouble with authority, death by violence 18 Capricorn 53 Fortunate Venus/ Mercury
Dheneb Martial Arts, ability to command, liberality, beneficence 19 Capricorn 48 Very Fortunate Mars/ Jupiter
Peacock Vanity and love of display, together with a long life and sometimes fame 23 Capricorn 49 Fortunate Venus/ Mercury/ Saturn
Terebellum Strength and power, rise in life, riches, cunning, disgrace 25 Capricorn 51 Fortunate Venus/ Saturn
The Plundering Falcon
Spoil and plunder, imagination, strong passions, will, clairvoyance, fame, powerful mind 0 Aquarius 56 Fortunate Mars/ Jupiter
Sham Combative, opinionated, jealousy, danger of death in battle 1 Aquarius 04 Unfortunate Mars/ Venus
Albireo Contemplative, cultured, artistic, congenial appearance and disposition 1 Aquarius 15 Fortunate Venus/ Mercury
Altair *
The Eagle
Sudden but ephemeral fortune, impulsiveness, courage, accidents, astrology, writing 1 Aquarius 47 Neutral Mars/ Jupiter
Algedi *
Giedi Prima
Beneficence, peculiar events, love affairs, great good fortune 3 Aquarius 46 Neutral Venus/ Mars
Bos Keen intellect, good for business, military, analysis 5 Aquarius 34 Fortunate Saturn/ Venus
Albali Danger, persecution and even death, but also said to give good fortune 11 Aquarius 43 Neutral Mars/ Mercury
Dorsum The Wheel of Fortune; bites from venomous creatures (with Sun or Mars) 13 Aquarius 51 Unfortunate Saturn/Jupiter
Alnair Retiring, active, proud, watchful, kind, idealistic, devoted, liking for astronomy, "the Bright One" 15 Aquarius 54 Fortunate Mercury/Jupiter
Castra Destructiveness, uncontrollable temper, malevolence 20 Aquarius 12 Unfortunate Saturn/ Jupiter
Nashira * Writing, government, religion, overcomes evil 22 Aquarius 12 Fortunate Saturn/ Jupiter
Kitalpha Gives friendship and sagacity but frivolity and love of pleasure 23 Aquarius 07 Neutral Mercury/ Venus
Sadalsuud * Astrology, occult, government, business, psychic, visionary, original 23 Aquarius 46 Fortunate Saturn/ Mercury
Gienah Soar to great heights, potential of sudden downfall 27 Aquarius 45 Neutral Venus/ Mercury
Fomalhaut * A Royal Star. Archangel Gabriel, the Watcher of the South. Congenital birth defects, magic, fame, occult, faith, "Star of Alchemy", addiction, undesirable associates 3 Pisces 52 Fortunate Venus/ Mercury/ Neptune
Deneb Adige *
Alpha Cygnus
Intelligent, creative, original, naive, astrology, writing, the public, dog bites 5 Pisces 16 Fortunate Venus/ Mercury
Sadalachbia Success in ventures, personal charm, movement to rich pastures, aviation, discovery of lost items, "the Star of Hidden Things" 6 Pisces 43 Fortunate Venus/ Mercury
Skat Good fortune, personal charm, lasting happiness, psychic interests, sensitivity, occult interests, many friends 8 Pisces 52 Fortunate Saturn/ Jupiter
Achernar Sudden success in public office, religious benefits, access to another realm 15 Pisces 19 Fortunate Jupiter
"the mouth of the River" a constellation extending over several Signs. NOTE: stars in this constellation (Eridanus) are ruled by Saturn, with the exception of Achernar, the brightest
Markab * Violence, honours and riches, "Star of Sorrow", literary, legal problems, accidents 23 Pisces 29 Unfortunate Mars/ Mercury/ Venus
Scheat * Imprisonment, murder, suicide, drowning, extreme misfortune 29 Pisces 22 Unfortunate Mars/ Mercury

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